Andrew Schulz Confirms Tom Brady's Genuine Anger Over Jeff Ross' Robert Kraft Joke

Tom Brady's loyalty tested at star-studded comedy event.

by Nouman Rasool
Andrew Schulz Confirms Tom Brady's Genuine Anger Over Jeff Ross' Robert Kraft Joke
© Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix

During Netflix’s star-studded event, "The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady," laughter and sharp barbs flew as comedians and sports legends alike took their turns skewering the famed quarterback on everything from his illustrious career to his personal life.

Yet, the mood shifted abruptly when Jeff Ross, the appointed "roast master" of the evening, ventured a joke that touched on New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. The reaction from Brady was swift and severe; he stood up, visibly agitated, and sternly warned Ross at the podium, "Don’t say that s--- again."

Brady's Protective Stance

Comedian Andrew Schulz, also on the dais that night, later disclosed that Brady had specifically requested no jokes be made about Kraft, who was present at the event.

This protective stance seemed deeply personal to Brady. Schulz reflected on the authenticity of Brady's reaction, noting, "I think that was 100% real." He elaborated, explaining that the roasters were explicitly instructed to avoid any reference to controversial 'happy endings' associated with Kraft.

Despite these guidelines, Ross crossed that line, prompting a tense moment where it seemed Brady might even call off the roast entirely. "This is the first comic that goes on a live roast and it’s your night," Schulz commented on Brady's readiness to defend Kraft, describing it as a dominant move by the quarterback.

While Brady tolerated jokes regarding his recent divorce from Gisele Bündchen, the infamous DeflateGate scandal, and even his complex relationship with coach Bill Belichick—who made a surprising appearance—his limit was clear when it came to respecting Kraft.

Ross appeared on the "Rich Eisen Show" following the roast and downplayed the incident, asserting that there was no real anger from Brady. "We’re having fun," Ross insisted, emphasizing the close, almost familial, bond between Brady and Kraft.

He likened Kraft's role to that of a father figure to Brady, suggesting that the quarterback's reaction was more about showing respect and love for Kraft than actual anger. Ross also shared that he had a positive exchange with Kraft after the roast, where the Patriots owner not only joked around but also humorously called out Russian President Vladimir Putin to return his Super Bowl ring.

While the roast was filled with laughter and light-hearted jabs, including a moment where Kim Kardashian was booed by the audience, the incident involving Ross's joke about Kraft highlighted a rare glimpse of genuine emotion from Brady, underscoring the deep personal connections that can influence even the most public of figures during such unrestrained events.

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