Lions GM Confirms Jared Goff 'Earned' New Contract Amid Ongoing Talks

Jared Goff showcases stellar form in contract year.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Lions GM Confirms Jared Goff 'Earned' New Contract Amid Ongoing Talks
© Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

The fortunes of the Detroit Lions have been revived, all thanks to the quarterback, Jared Goff, in the same way as in the old days in the 1990s. Goff-led Lions improve each and every day, and people are clamoring for an extension of the contract, which is the main agenda among the fans and analysts.

Despite the evident public and professional commendation, Goff's future with the team had been uncertain—until now. In a recent statement to the Detroit Free Press and NBC Sports, Lions' General Manager Brad Holmes openly praised Goff, indicating a positive shift in contract negotiations.

"First and foremost, he’s earned an extension," Holmes declared. Emphasizing the significance of securing Goff's tenure with the Lions, he added, "It’s a high priority for us and both sides are working really, really hard.

These things just take time."

Goff's Record Season

Goff is in the final year of a four-year, $134 million extension he first signed with the Rams in 2019 and now is turning in one of his best seasons, which is probably less than ideal.

Now at 30, he approaches the end of his contract with a record of impressive performances. Despite the lingering comparisons with his former coach, Sean McVay, Goff has managed to carve out a new path in Detroit. His stats speak volumes: in 2023, Goff achieved a career-high completion percentage of 67.3%, slightly edging out his best year with the Rams by 0.3%.

This precision places nearly all of his completion rates during his tenure with the Lions above those achieved with the Rams, with the exception of one season. The debate over Goff's capabilities post-McVay continues among some critics.

However, the statistics underline his adaptability and growth away from his previous team's dynamics. While the Lions have not ventured deeper into the playoffs than Goff’s former team, his personal success, highlighted by this year's record accuracy, underscores his pivotal role and potential for future contributions to the team.

As negotiations continue, the Detroit community and Lions fans eagerly await the final decision, hopeful that Goff’s renewed contract will cement his role and facilitate further successes for the team.