Texans Coach Eager to Contact JJ Watt About Return

Watt sets terms for potential NFL comeback this year.

by Nouman Rasool
Texans Coach Eager to Contact JJ Watt About Return
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In an intriguing development that could see a familiar face back on the field, former Houston Texans star J.J. Watt hinted at a possible return to the NFL, marking this year as his last window of opportunity. During a media session at his charity softball event in Sugar Land, Texas, the 35-year-old defensive end expressed his openness to a comeback, albeit under specific circumstances.

Watt, addressing his conversation from last season with Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans, stated, "I told DeMeco last year, 'Don't call unless you absolutely need it, but if you ever do call, I'll be there.' And he knows not to call unless he absolutely needs it." This statement came during the J.J.

Watt Charity Classic over the weekend, as reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Watt's Final Offer

The three-time Defensive Player of the Year emphasized that this year would be his final offer to return, citing the demands of maintaining an NFL-level fitness regimen.

"This is the last year I'll tell him that, because I'm not going to keep training the way I've been training, but he knows that if he ever truly does need it, I'll be there for him. I don’t anticipate that happening – they’ve got a very good crew," Watt added.

Responding to Watt's comments, Coach Ryans conveyed his readiness to potentially re-enlist his former teammate. "I love to hear J.J. saying he’s ready. I’ve got his number ready to go just in case we need him," Ryans remarked enthusiastically in an interview with Sean Pendergast of SportsRadio 610.

"He looks good, he’s in shape, he’s ready to roll – so, I may need to make that call. I’m happy that it's open from him." When probed about the precise timing of such a decision, Ryans’s response was immediate and definitive: "Now.

I need him now, I need to make that call now. Anytime J.J. Watt’s ready to go, I’m ready to go." While the exchange between the former teammates carries a hint of casual banter, the window for Watt's return appears to be closing, giving Ryans a narrow timeframe to leverage his former defensive powerhouse's offer.

As Watt steps back from the rigors of professional training, this season may be the Texans’ last chance to bring back one of their most iconic players in a dramatic return to the gridiron.