Joe Burrow on Recovery: Wrist 'Felt Good,' Driven to Improve

Cincinnati's Star QB Enhances Strength for Upcoming Season

by Zain ul Abedin
Joe Burrow on Recovery: Wrist 'Felt Good,' Driven to Improve
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Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is making significant strides in his recovery after undergoing season-ending wrist surgery six months ago. In his first media appearance since returning to the team's offseason workouts, Burrow expressed optimism about his condition, repeatedly affirming, "Feel great.

It's good to be back." Burrow's return has been a source of relief for Bengals fans, especially after he demonstrated his improved form during Monday's practice. Videos of his throws, shared by the Bengals' social media team, showcased a regained sharpness in his passes—a sentiment echoed by team receivers.

Importantly, Burrow noted that there have been no setbacks or complications in his recovery so far, despite experiencing some pain. "I felt good the last two days," Burrow shared. "You never really know how it’s going to feel waking up the next morning, but I was encouraged by the last couple of days for sure." He confirmed that he's fully cleared for all activities except contact, which is expected to follow within a month.

"There’s no rush; the season doesn’t start for a while. So, we’re in a good spot," he added. The journey back to full health wasn't without its doubts for Burrow, who admitted that the uncertainty surrounding his wrist injury was challenging.

"Whenever you have an injury to your throwing side, you're never quite sure how it’s going to turn out," he said. Despite these concerns, Burrow is pleased with his current progress and is focused on continuous improvement.

Burrow's Strengthened Comeback

In an effort to reduce the risk of future injuries, Burrow has also increased his muscle mass this offseason, a move that he believes will serve as an effective form of self-preservation. "We’re bigger," he noted, suggesting that his physical development is on track.

"I’m really strong. Bigger than I was. We're going to continue to eat right, lift and go through my routine and see where I'm at." Burrow acknowledged the uniqueness of his rehabilitation process, given the rarity of similar injuries among quarterbacks.

"It’s a work in progress. I've been throwing for about a month. Just like any offseason, you’re working through some rust—a little more this year than in years past," he explained. As the Bengals navigate this offseason, they face additional challenges with trade requests from two star players, wide receiver Tee Higgins and edge rusher Trey Hendrickson.

Burrow addressed these issues diplomatically, supporting his teammates while emphasizing the team's better prospects with them on board. "Those guys have their business that they need to take care of," he stated. "I support them in every way." Through all the trials and uncertainties, Burrow's motivation remains undiminished.

"My why is always just continuing that drive for greatness," he concluded. "I’m addicted to getting better. There's nothing like the feeling of seeing the results of the work you're putting in. That's really what I'm striving for every day."

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