NFL Analyst Predicts Jordan Love's Contract to Mirror Daniel Jones' Deal

Exploring the financial futures of NFL quarterbacks.

by Faizan Chaudhary
NFL Analyst Predicts Jordan Love's Contract to Mirror Daniel Jones' Deal
© Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

With the calendar turning to the month where training camps are set to open, the talk surrounding Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love and New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones is now shifting from what they can do on the field to off of it, specifically what the two signal-callers should do financially.

Both are too important to be replaced on their respective teams, and soon, their careers will again coincide—not on the field, but in contract negotiations. In a recent episode of "Pro Football Talk," NFL analyst Mike Florio wrote in with some possible contract developments for Love: The Packers are about to offer Love an extension along the same lines as that given to Daniel Jones by the Giants.

"It’s coming," Florio asserted, suggesting that while the extension may appear as a four-year deal, it’s structured more like a two-year agreement with options to extend further based on performance.

Contract Flexibility Explored

This nuanced arrangement reflects the contract Daniel Jones secured last offseason, which, while officially a four-year deal, effectively grants the Giants the flexibility to opt-out after two seasons.

This structure allows the team to manage financial commitments while evaluating player performance. Jordan Love is out of the shadow of the sensational Aaron Rodgers, but he is not on that rookie contract now, nor did he get that big, long-term deal.

In 2024, according to Spotrac, Love is to make $13.5 million. If Love secures a deal similar to Jones’, he could see his earnings escalate dramatically, potentially up to $160 million, marking a significant financial leap.

This proposed deal could set a new precedent for how teams manage young talents post-rookie contracts. It balances financial risk with the opportunity to solidify a quarterback's role through performance-based extensions. Love’s journey with the Packers has been anything but conventional, transitioning from a potential successor to a seasoned leader under unique circumstances.

As speculation mounts, the question remains: Will the Packers commit to Love with a robust extension akin to that of Daniel Jones, or will they pursue a more cautious, incentive-laden approach? This decision will not only affect Love's financial future but also signal the Packers' confidence in his ability to lead the team in the coming years.

The outcome of these negotiations will likely influence quarterback contract strategies across the NFL, as teams strive to marry financial prudence with competitive ambitions.