Tom Brady Overwhelms Chiefs in Stunning Rout

Tom Brady humorously critiques Chiefs' past and present eras.

by Nouman Rasool
Tom Brady Overwhelms Chiefs in Stunning Rout
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In a rare mix of sports and comedy, Tom Brady turned heads during his Netflix comedy special, The Roast of Tom Brady. The Kansas City Chiefs, known for their roaring fanbase and recent Super Bowl successes, unexpectedly became the butt of Brady's jokes, sparking conversations and laughter among viewers.

The Chiefs, celebrated for clinching back-to-back Super Bowl titles in the past two seasons, have been recognized as a burgeoning dynasty under the leadership of star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Their Arrowhead Stadium is famed for its deafening noise levels, often claimed to be the loudest in the NFL.

However, Brady, with his characteristic wit, took a playful dig at this claim during his appearance on stage. Addressing the spirited Kansas City crowd, Brady quipped, “Kansas City, you say your stadium is the loudest? It helps when your fans are 14-year-old girls”.

This jest refers to the influx of younger fans rallying behind the Chiefs following the publicized relationship between pop icon Taylor Swift and Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce. The pairing has not only spotlighted the team but also seemingly transformed the demographic of their fanbase, adding a layer of pop culture to their sports acclaim.

Chiefs' Historical Roast

Brady didn’t stop there; he continued to poke fun at the team's historical struggles prior to their recent glory. “And in honor of Tay-Tay, let’s take a look at the Chiefs’ eras,” he continued.

“Terrible for 50 years, good for five. Shake it off”. This reference to Swift’s hit song "Shake It Off" cleverly encapsulates the team’s dramatic turnaround in fortune, highlighting their previous decades of underperformance contrasted sharply with their current success.

While Brady’s remarks were in jest, they underline an impressive yet challenging history for the Chiefs. Despite his comedic critique, it's hard to overlook his formidable postseason record of 3-0 against the Chiefs, which perhaps adds a layer of credibility to his observations.

Historically, Chiefs fans have held the record for the loudest stadium, a title they claimed even before the so-called “Swifties” became part of the narrative. This makes Brady's jab about the noise levels slightly off the mark but no less humorous for the audience.

As the laughter subsides, the essence of Brady’s roast serves as a reminder of the playful rivalries and enduring narratives that make the NFL a continual source of entertainment, both on and off the field.

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