Packers beat Rams to host NFC Championship Game for first time in Aaron Rodgers era

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Packers beat Rams to host NFC Championship Game for first time in Aaron Rodgers era

The Green Bay Packers defeated the Los Angeles Rams 32-18 to progress into the NFC Championship Game. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodhers delivered a great performance as he went 23-36 for 296 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions.

Rodgers, a two-time NFL MVP, is set to play an NFC Championship Game at Lambeau Field for the first time in his career. 8,456 fans were allowed to attend the game at Lambeau Field against the Rams, but for Rodgers, it felt like there was way before more fans.

"It felt like 50,000 when we ran out of the tunnel, it really did," Rodgers said after the game, per ESPN. "It was such a special moment. Forgot how much you truly, truly miss having a crowd there. ... It felt like, 50,000, 60,000."

Rodgers achieves his goal

After getting demolished by the San Francisco 49ers in last year's NFC Championship Game, Rodgers said next season they need to bring the NFC Championship Game to Lambeau Field. "We've got to get one of these at home," Rodgers said a year ago.

A year later, after beating the Rams in the divisional round, Rodgers was happy that his goal became a reality. "It means a lot," Rodgers said. "[Former Packers receiver] Jordy [Nelson] and I talked about it years ago.

I had a lot of starts in this league without being able to be a part of hosting the NFC Championship. "Hopefully, it's a little colder than it was tonight. ... It will be exciting to enjoy this tonight, to celebrate and then to watch the game tomorrow and to know that whoever wins is coming to our place."

The Packers were facing the No. 1 ranked defense in the NFL but still they dropped 32 points and claimed a convincing win over the Rams. "As you see, that's a great team right there, when they've got to come into Lambeau -- like I've said millions of times at this point -- you come into Lambeau, you're playing a different brand of football," Adams said.

"It takes you out of your element, as far as the way you talk, the way you play. You get rattled, man. It's tougher to communicate. We got fans in there today, so they had it rocking. Everything was on our side, so it was just about coming out and playing Packer football. We do that and nobody can stop us."