Drew Bledsoe Criticizes Tom Brady, Bill Belichick on Patriots' QB Decision

Bledsoe humorously confronts past tensions at a celebrity roast.

by Nouman Rasool
Drew Bledsoe Criticizes Tom Brady, Bill Belichick on Patriots' QB Decision
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During a comedic roast held in Los Angeles on Sunday, former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe took the stage not only to entertain but also to settle old scores, albeit humorously, with his successor, Tom Brady, and their shared former coach, Bill Belichick.

Bledsoe, who was famously replaced by Brady early in the 2001 season, kicked off his routine by drawing a parallel between his NFL Draft experience and his current stage presence. “The last time I was up on stage before Tom Brady, I ended up in the hospital for five days and lost my job,” he quipped, setting the tone for his set.

He openly confessed to harboring hard feelings toward Brady, a sentiment he jokingly suggested many in the audience might share due to Brady's unparalleled success in the league.

Bledsoe Roasts Belichick

The humor took a sharp turn as Bledsoe targeted Bill Belichick, the Patriots' long-time head coach known for his strategic mind and sometimes controversial decisions.

“Hey look, at least when I got fired, somebody else wanted me,” he jested, alluding to Belichick’s struggles in securing another head coaching position post-Patriots era. As the night progressed, Bledsoe's barbs veered towards Brady’s on-field demeanor and personal life, particularly his aversion to physical contact, which he tied to the quarterback’s recent divorce from supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

“Obviously, buddy, you got really used to not being touched, right?” Bledsoe remarked, inciting a mix of laughter and surprise from the audience, including Brady himself, who was seen reacting with good humor.

Despite the biting nature of his jokes, Bledsoe expressed genuine admiration for Brady’s achievements and character. “Incredibly proud of all that you’ve accomplished, but I’m far more proud of how you’ve done it,” he acknowledged, extending an olive branch after a night of roasts.

He concluded with a playful nudge for Brady to maintain his retirement, playfully complaining, “We are sick of this”. The event, which drew laughter and applause from a star-studded audience, underscored the unique camaraderie and longstanding rivalries within the NFL, highlighting a night where football legends could poke fun at each other while celebrating their shared histories.

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