Analyst Blames Russell Wilson's Broncos Woes on Simplified Play Calls

Russell Wilson's new chapter begins with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

by Nouman Rasool
Analyst Blames Russell Wilson's Broncos Woes on Simplified Play Calls
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The Pittsburgh Steelers have made a significant move in the NFL by signing veteran quarterback Russell Wilson to a one-year deal. This acquisition has sent shockwaves through the league and could be a turning point for Wilson, whose stint with the Denver Broncos was marked by challenges and setbacks.

Wilson, a former Super Bowl champion and nine-time Pro Bowler, joined the Broncos in early 2022 after a notable trade, securing a substantial five-year contract valued at $245 million. The expectations were sky-high, with aspirations of leading the Broncos to Super Bowl success.

Unfortunately, the reality was far from the expectations. Wilson's time in Denver was fraught with difficulties, leading to a disappointing 11-19 record and turning the elite quarterback into the focus of severe criticism and Internet memes.

Wilson's Steelers Surprise

In an unexpected twist, Wilson has now joined the Steelers, sparking discussions on his potential for redemption and success in Pittsburgh. Analysts and fans are closely watching how this move will affect the dynamics within the AFC North, especially concerning division rivals like the Cleveland Browns.

During an episode of "The Ultimate Cleveland Sports Show," CBS Sports analyst Aditi Kinkhabwala highlighted the Steelers' daring move. She pointed out Wilson's recent struggles with play-calling, where "all the play calls had to be two words" by season's end, indicating significant issues with the Broncos' offensive setup.

This problem was so pronounced that Sean Payton, renowned for his quarterback coaching prowess, opted to part ways with Wilson, even willing to incur substantial financial costs to facilitate his exit. However, there's optimism for Wilson in Pittsburgh under new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, whose system is more akin to what Wilson thrived in during his earlier years with the Seattle Seahawks.

The playbook's emphasis on play action could play to Wilson's strengths and rejuvenate his career. The financial aspect of Wilson's deal with the Steelers also presents a stark contrast to the Cleveland Browns' situation with their quarterback, Deshaun Watson.

While the Browns have invested heavily in Watson with long-term implications, the Steelers are taking a cautious approach, committing a modest sum to Wilson for the short term. Despite recent struggles, Wilson's overall performance, including a 66.4% completion rate with 3,070 passing yards, 26 touchdowns, and eight interceptions in 2023, suggests that he still has significant capabilities.

The Steelers are hopeful that Wilson can not only adapt to their system but also leverage his vast experience and proven track record to bring success to the team. As Wilson gears up to prove he remains a top-tier quarterback, the NFL community and Steelers fans are eager to see if this seasoned player can overcome past adversities and lead the team to greater heights.

The upcoming season will be crucial for Wilson as he seeks to reestablish himself as a premier quarterback and silence his critics once and for all.

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