Super Bowl Champion Arrested Again for Drug Charges for 2nd time in 8 months

Bashaud Breeland's Legal Woes Escalate Amid Drug Arrest.

by Nouman Rasool
Super Bowl Champion Arrested Again for Drug Charges for 2nd time in 8 months
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Former Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Bashaud Breeland found himself in legal trouble once again, as he was arrested over the weekend, marking his second arrest within a span of less than a year. Breeland's latest run-in with the law occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Charlotte-Mecklenburg police uncovered narcotics and a cache of firearms during their investigation, as reported by The Charlotte Observer.

The situation escalated when police officers encountered resistance while attempting to execute the arrest. The charges stacked against Breeland include felony drug charges, along with allegations of assaulting a government official, resisting an officer, and causing injury to personal and property.

Police Uncover Narcotics Cache

Law enforcement officials detailed the discovery of marijuana, a plastic bag containing mushrooms, five bottles of promethazine hydrochloride (commonly used to alleviate motion sickness), and dihidrocodeina bitartrate, a synthetic opioid analgesic typically prescribed for moderate to severe pain.

This recent arrest follows Breeland's August 2023 arrest, where he faced charges related to possession of a stolen vehicle, firearms, and drugs. Court records revealed a total of eight charges, including accusations of altering serial numbers and a title.

During that incident, Breeland was allegedly found in possession of two AR-15 rifles, a pair of AK-47 rifles, five pounds of marijuana, and 62 grams of mushrooms while driving a stolen Mercedes SUV. Breeland's professional football journey has been marked by stints with various teams.

He began his NFL career as a fourth-round draft pick by Washington in 2014, spending four seasons with the franchise. Subsequently, he played one season with the Green Bay Packers before joining the Kansas City Chiefs for two seasons.

Most recently, Breeland appeared for the Minnesota Vikings during the 2021 season. Despite his legal troubles, Breeland has showcased prowess on the field, tallying 16 interceptions throughout his career, including an interception against Jimmy Garoppolo in Super Bowl LIV.

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