Enough with Tom Brady: Moving On

49ers' Future Hinges on Purdy, Not Past Legends.

by Nouman Rasool
Enough with Tom Brady: Moving On
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The persistent speculation surrounding Tom Brady’s potential move to the San Francisco 49ers received an unintentionally ironic twist this Tuesday, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of the classic film 'Mean Girls.'

Echoing the film’s memorable line about forcing trends, it's high time the sports world realizes that continually trying to place Brady with the 49ers is as futile as making 'fetch' happen. This renewed buzz originated from Jermaine Wiggins, a former Patriots tight end and current radio host at WEEI in Boston.

Wiggins reignited this long-standing discussion during his appearance on 95.7 The Game’s Morning Roast in San Francisco, suggesting the 49ers should once again reach out to Brady. “If I’m San Francisco, I’d be picking up the phone again and saying, 'hey Tom, what do we got to do to get you here?'” Wiggins commented, underscoring the fleeting nature of the team's championship opportunities.

While it's valid to question how long the 49ers can contend for Super Bowls with their current core, the idea of integrating a nearly 47-year-old Brady, who hasn’t played since the 2022 season, seems increasingly implausible.

The 49ers have invested heavily in Brock Purdy, their breakout quarterback, demonstrating a clear commitment to his ongoing development as their leader under center.

Purdy Over Brady

The notion of sidelining Purdy for a twilight year from Brady seems less appealing now than ever.

Purdy’s performance, including a notable Super Bowl appearance, has solidified his standing within the team. This isn’t just about loyalty; it’s about practicality and planning for the future. Shanahan and the coaching staff have reviewed the tapes, and the conclusion is evident: Purdy is their man.

Looking ahead, Purdy is set to be eligible for a contract extension after the 2024 season, with no fifth-year option available due to his draft status. Prioritizing his extension is crucial for the 49ers to avoid him hitting the free agent market after 2025, which further underscores the impracticality of benching him for a single season of Brady, potentially fracturing a vital relationship.

San Francisco’s belief isn’t just in preserving their current Super Bowl window; it’s in extending it with Purdy at the helm. They see him as a cornerstone for transitioning to a new era of 49ers football—a bridge to future championships.

It’s time to move past the Brady speculation. As we reflect on the allure of potential and the reality of practical team dynamics, it's evident: Tom Brady and the 49ers are not a match. Like Gretchen Wieners' futile attempts at slang, it’s a connection that, quite simply, isn’t going to happen.

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