Commanders Outbid Rivals for Coveted Free Agent

Rising star Anusiem makes significant strides in NFL journey.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Commanders Outbid Rivals for Coveted Free Agent
© Stacy Revere/Getty Images

In a highly competitive bid for talent following the 2024 NFL draft, Washington Commanders' general manager Adam Peters made a decisive move to secure one of the most coveted undrafted free agents, cornerback Chigozie Anusiem.

The former Colorado State standout was quickly snapped up by the Commanders, with Peters outbidding numerous other teams to bring Anusiem into the fold. The Commanders offered Anusiem a substantial package, consisting of a $50,000 signing bonus along with a $300,000 base salary guarantee, as reported by NFL Network's Tom Pelissero.

This aggressive financial commitment highlights the high value Washington placed on Anusiem, who despite going undrafted, was a hot commodity among many NFL teams. Expressing his excitement about joining the Commanders, Anusiem took to X, exclaiming, "Commanders let’s rock!!!," signaling his enthusiasm to start his professional career in Washington.

His signing was not only a testament to his potential but also reflected the Commanders' strategic approach to bolstering their roster with promising talent.

Anusiem's NFL Ascent

Anusiem's journey to the NFL has been notable.

He transferred from Cal to Colorado State in 2022, where he quickly established himself as a reliable starter. Over two seasons, Anusiem amassed 3.5 tackles for loss, broke up 11 passes, and recorded an interception, showcasing his ability to impact the game defensively.

Taylor Kyles from Patriots on CLNS described Anusiem as a "big, athletic type" with a "good IQ," attributes that make him well-suited for the NFL. Despite projections as a late Day 3 draft pick, Anusiem's draft day passed without a call.

However, this setback did not deter the Commanders' leadership, with both Peters and head coach Dan Quinn recognizing his potential to succeed at the professional level. Quinn, known for his preference for physical, press-style man coverage, sees Anusiem as a perfect fit for his defensive schemes.

This was evident during his tenure with the Seattle Seahawks' 'Legion of Boom,' where similar defensive talents thrived under his guidance. In addition to Anusiem, the Commanders were active in securing other key talents through the undrafted free-agent market.

They signed quarterback Sam Hartman from Notre Dame, who also received a significant financial package. This move underscores the Commanders' commitment to strengthening their squad, ensuring that they have competitive options in all key positions.

The influx of new talent like Anusiem and Hartman is part of a broader strategy by the Commanders to revitalize their team, aiming for a significant turnaround in the upcoming NFL season. As these young players integrate and develop within the team's framework, the Commanders are poised to make a strong statement in the league.