Lions QB Jared Goff Engaged in Wedding Plans with SI Model

NFL Star Prepares for Summer Wedding with Model Fiancée.

by Nouman Rasool
Lions QB Jared Goff Engaged in Wedding Plans with SI Model
© Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Jared Goff, the esteemed quarterback for the Detroit Lions, might have narrowly missed clinching a Super Bowl title this season, but his off-field life is scoring significant points, particularly in the realm of personal milestones.

Goff is currently immersed in orchestrating what promises to be the highlight of his summer—an enchanting wedding to Christen Harper, a model renowned for her appearances in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit editions.

Wedding Plans Underway

The couple's journey toward matrimony began in earnest in June 2022 when Goff proposed to Harper.

The proposal set the stage for a series of celebratory events, including Harper’s recently concluded bachelorette party in the scenic locale of Cabo San Lucas. "She had a great time on her bachelorette [party] with her friends, and we’re right in the thick of the wedding planning right now," Goff shared with the New York Post.

While the quarterback has played a somewhat subdued role in the meticulous planning process, he credits Harper for her diligence and enthusiasm in preparing for their big day. “It’s coming this summer. We’re excited," Goff expressed, highlighting his fiancée's pivotal role.

"She’s been doing a great job with it. I’ve been fairly uninvolved … but I’ll give my input when asked." Despite his light involvement, Goff has eagerly participated in selecting some of the more pleasurable aspects of the celebration, such as the cuisine, beverages, and music.

Meanwhile, Harper's professional trajectory in modeling continues to ascend paralleling Goff's own career. He remarked, “It’s been fun to see her thrive in that now," acknowledging her initial hesitation and subsequent success, including her recognition as a rookie of the year.

Beyond her modeling career, Harper is deeply committed to leveraging her growing platform for philanthropic efforts, particularly animal welfare—a cause she passionately supports. The backdrop to this personal joy was a challenging season for Goff, culminating in a heart-stopping NFC championship game.

The Lions, leading by 17 points at halftime against the San Francisco 49ers, faced a dramatic turnaround in the second half, ultimately losing by just three points as the 49ers advanced to the Super Bowl, which was subsequently won by the Kansas City Chiefs for the second consecutive year.