Jerry Rice's Son Eager to Play with AFC West QB

USC Standout Eyes NFL Future Amid Draft Speculation

by Nouman Rasool
Jerry Rice's Son Eager to Play with AFC West QB
© Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As the 2024 NFL Draft approaches, the depth of talent within the wide receiver class is undeniable, highlighted by Brenden Rice, son of the legendary Jerry Rice. Despite not being a top-tier prospect, Brenden's potential and pedigree suggest that he could be a hidden gem in this year's draft.

With only a week until he steps into the professional arena, expectations are naturally high for Brenden, stemming from his lineage to one of the greatest NFL players ever. The anticipation around his draft prospects intensified recently during an interview with TV host Kay Adams.

When asked about the prospect of playing with Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert, Brenden enthusiastically responded, "Most definitely, goodness." This statement alone has fueled speculation and interest among fans and analysts alike.

Chargers Eyeing Rice

Herbert’s talent and leadership make him a magnet for skilled receivers, and with the Chargers actively seeking to fill gaps left by Keenan Allen's trade to the Bears and Mike Williams' free agency move to the Jets, Brenden Rice could very well be on their radar.

His 2023 season stats at USC — 45 receptions, 791 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns make him an appealing choice, especially as a cost-effective option in the mid-rounds. Currently, Pro Football Focus ranks him as the 24th-best wide receiver and the 125th overall prospect.

Though not considered among the elite in his class, Brenden is aware of the pressures that come with his famous surname. He remains unfazed, crediting his work ethic as the cornerstone of his preparation, a trait he inherited from his father.

"Work ethic is the foundation. It's what my dad prided himself on and it's what I took upon myself," Brenden stated. He's committed to a long and successful career, aiming to defy the odds and emulate his father’s longevity in the sport.

Teams keen on adding not just skill but also a storied legacy to their roster will find Brenden an attractive prospect. If the Chargers pick him, it would not only bring him to a promising squad but also allow him to play in California, echoing his father's illustrious career with the San Francisco 49ers.

For Brenden, the opportunity to start his NFL journey in the same state where his father became a legend would be nothing short of a dream come true.