Julian Edelman Dismisses Tom Brady Comeback Rumors, Offers Hypothetical Scenario

Edelman casts skepticism on Brady's NFL comeback chatter.

by Nouman Rasool
Julian Edelman Dismisses Tom Brady Comeback Rumors, Offers Hypothetical Scenario
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In a recent episode of the "Deep Cuts" podcast, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady opened the door to a possible return to the NFL, likening his potential comeback to Michael Jordan's storied returns to basketball. Brady's playful yet intriguing comment, "I’m not opposed to it," has sparked a fresh wave of speculation about the future of the legendary quarterback.

Brady, known for his competitive nature and stringent fitness regime, mentioned, "I’m always going to be in good shape, always be able to throw the ball. So, to come in for a little bit, like MJ coming back, I don’t know if they’d let me, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it." This statement has left fans and analysts pondering the likelihood of seeing Brady don the pads once more, especially in a scenario where a team finds itself in urgent need of a quarterback due to injury.

Adding to the intrigue, Julian Edelman, Brady's longtime teammate with the New England Patriots, weighed in on the discussion during an interview with Fox News Digital. Despite their close relationship and twelve seasons of collaboration, Edelman expressed skepticism about Brady’s return.

From the luxurious locales of St. Tropez, where Brady is currently spending his retirement, Edelman joked about the difficulty of even getting Brady to appear on his podcast, "Games With Names," highlighting a current disconnect between the two.

Edelman Doubts Brady's Return

Edelman, aware of Brady's unyielding confidence and his recent musings about a possible return, remains doubtful. He clarified his perspective on Brady's statement, emphasizing that while Brady believes in his ability to return and perform, the reality might be different.

"That whole thing with the interview, I saw it. The wording was if someone got hurt late in the season, do you think you can do it? And Tom’s a confident guy. He definitely thinks he can go do it. Is he gonna do it? I don’t think so.

Probably not," Edelman remarked. Yet, Edelman also hinted at another motivator that could influence Brady's decision: the rising career of Patrick Mahomes. With Mahomes recently clinching his third Super Bowl and potentially on track for a historic three-peat next season, Edelman speculated, "Patrick Mahomes is coming up on him, maybe Tom comes back and sneaks another Super Bowl to separate himself." As the NFL world watches and waits, the question remains: Will Tom Brady make an unprecedented third return to the gridiron, or are these discussions merely the nostalgic musings of a retired champion? Only time will tell, but for now, the possibility continues to stir excitement and debate among football fans everywhere.

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