Pat McAfee Criticizes ESPN's Bill Belichick Coverage: 'Glad We're Not Part of It'

Pat McAfee voices strong opinions on recent ESPN report.

by Nouman Rasool
Pat McAfee Criticizes ESPN's Bill Belichick Coverage: 'Glad We're Not Part of It'
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In a recent episode of his popular sports show, Pat McAfee vehemently criticized an ESPN report on Bill Belichick's apparent setbacks in securing a head coaching position this offseason. According to the report, Belichick was notably absent from the Atlanta Falcons' top choices for head coach, allegedly due to advice from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to Falcons owner Arthur Blank, cautioning him against trusting the eight-time Super Bowl champion.

The ESPN article suggested that Belichick's options for coaching in the NFL were limited, even claiming he wouldn't consider returning unless it involved a role with Jerry Jones in Dallas. This speculation sparked significant backlash from McAfee and his co-hosts, who questioned the veracity and intent behind the report.

Co-host Boston Connor expressed skepticism about the article's narrative, highlighting the lack of clear sourcing and the dubious nature of the anonymous quotes used. "None of the quotes really say where they're from," Connor noted, adding that the piece was filled with "bland statements" that left more questions than answers.

McAfee Defends Belichick

McAfee, known for his no-nonsense approach, dismissed the report as filled with "bullshit" that unfairly targeted Belichick. "If they’re burying Bill, I’m glad we’re not a part of it," McAfee declared, alluding to what he perceives as a pattern of unfounded claims based on anonymous sources within the industry.

Adding a twist to the controversy, McAfee announced that Belichick would be appearing on his show for the upcoming Draft Spectacular, a move that could provide Belichick a platform to address the rumors directly. This is not the first time McAfee has called out his colleagues at ESPN.

He previously targeted Norby Williamson, then the network’s executive senior vice president of studio and event production, accusing him of undermining his program. Williamson, a long-time fixture at ESPN, departed the company last week after a tenure spanning four decades.

As for Belichick, this marks his first year out of an NFL coaching role since 1974, ending an illustrious career with the Patriots where he secured six Super Bowl titles. The sports community is abuzz with speculation on his next moves, making McAfee's upcoming interview with him highly anticipated.

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