Eagles owner: Carson Wentz situation played no part in coach Doug Pederson firing

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Eagles owner: Carson Wentz situation played no part in coach Doug Pederson firing

The Philadelphia Eagles fired long-time coach Doug Pederson and team owner Jeffrey Lurie claimed the move wasn't about former No. 2 pick Carson Wentz. The Eagles finished the season with a 4-11-1 record but Pederson was expected to remain the head coach of the team.

But Pederson didn't have a clear vision of how to turn the things around going forward and the Eagles decided to move on from him. "My first allegiance is, what will be best for the Philadelphia Eagles and our fans for the next three, four, five years.

It's not based on does someone deserve to hold their job or deserve to get fired; that's a different bar," Lurie said, per ESPN. "It's not about, 'Did Doug deserve to be let go?' No, he did not deserve to be let go.

That's not where I'm coming from, and that's not the bar in the evaluation process."

Lurie insisted the Wentz situation played no part in the Pederson firing

Wentz, who was taken by the Eagles at No. 2 in the 2016 NFL draft, lost his starting quarterback job to rookie Jalen Hurts toward the end of the season.

Wentz wasn't happy about the move and reportedly he will ask for a trade if not committed as the team's starting quarterback going forward. Pederson was the one who made the decision to bench Wentz and after the move the rumors began to swirl around that there was a friction between the team and the quarterback.

"I don't think any owner should decide that. Carson, to me and to I think virtually everyone in our organization, is a quarterback that in his first four years was in many ways elite, comparable to some of the great quarterbacks the first four years in the league.

The fifth year, obviously not satisfactory for whatever reasons, there are probably multiple reasons for that," Lurie said. "I think the way I look at it is, we have an asset and we have a talent. He's a great guy.

He wants nothing but to win big and win Lombardi trophies for Philadelphia. This guy is tireless. He has his heart in the right place. He is really dedicated offseason, on-season. He's just what you want. And it behooves us as a team with a new coach and new coaching staff to be able to really get him back to that elite progression where he was capable of, and understand at the same time that there have been many quarterbacks in their fourth and fifth year, if you trace this, you can come up with many, many quarterbacks that have a single year where it's just, 'Whoa, the touchdown-to-interception ratio is not what you want.' And we're talking some great ones like Peyton and Ben and guys like that."