Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes to Launch New Restaurant

Chiefs Stars Venture Beyond Football into Culinary Scene

by Nouman Rasool
Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes to Launch New Restaurant
© Steph Chambers/Getty Images

As the NFL off-season unfolds, the spotlight remains brightly on Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, the dynamic duo from the three-time Super Bowl-winning team, who are now expanding their playmaking from the gridiron to the gastronomic scene with the launch of 1587 Prime Steakhouse.

This new venture underscores their deep connection with Kansas City, Missouri—a city celebrated not just for its fervent love of football but also for its culinary scene. In a city where the love for food parallels the passion for football, Kelce and Mahomes are setting a new standard with the opening of their steakhouse, aptly named 1587 Prime, in a nod to their jersey numbers.

This collaboration with Noble 33, a globally recognized hospitality group, promises to elevate the dining experience in Kansas City to new heights. 1587 Prime is poised to redefine the steakhouse genre, offering an "ultimate experiential dining destination" as described in their press release.

Though the menu's specifics remain under wraps, the anticipation is high for a culinary lineup that includes high-quality meats, sophisticated sides like lobster mac and cheese, and French onion soup—reflecting the refined yet accessible ethos Mahomes and Kelce aim to capture.

Ambitious Design Unveiled

The establishment's design is as ambitious as its menu, featuring a sprawling 10,000-square-foot space adorned with private dining areas, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and an extensive wine collection, subtly commemorating the pair's football achievements.

Despite its upscale ambitions, affordability and inclusivity remain core principles, with Mahomes emphasizing the desire for a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can enjoy without the shadow of exorbitant prices. Mahomes, known for his ketchup affinity, assures fans that the menu will cater to a variety of tastes, including some of his personal favorites.

The excitement builds as the steakhouse's spring 2025 opening approaches, promising a new culinary landmark in Kansas City. While it might not serve as Kelce's pregame meal spot, it's anticipated to become a beloved venue for celebrating victories among players and fans alike, cementing the bond between the city's football heroes and its culinary landscape.

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