Washington QB Alex Smith, 36, undecided on NFL future

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Washington QB Alex Smith, 36, undecided on NFL future

Washington Football Team quarterback Alex Smith enjoyed returning to the field this season but he is undecided on his future. Smith, 36, broke his fibula and tibia in 2018 and spent the next two seasons recovering from one of the most gruesome injuries ever seen on a football field.

Three-time Pro Bowl quarterback Smith managed to return to the field this season and he started six games for Washington. "I had so much fun this year, to be back in the locker room and on the field to play a game I love and to lose yourself in it is one of the great feelings in the world," Smith said, per ESPN.

"My wife has been through a lot, my family has been through a lot, but that's for another time and place." Unfortunately for Smith, he missed the wild-card game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers due to a strained right calf muscle.

"It's not the way you want to finish a season," Smith said. "To even be in this situation is something that if presented to me a year ago, two years ago, I would have jumped at it."

Washington head coach Ron Rivera respects Smith

"He's one of the most unselfish players I've ever been around," Rivera said of Smith.

"There's an intangible that some guys have and possess and Alex has it. Can it be replaced? You'll have to find a guy that has that same type of intangible, and those guys are special. They only come around once in a while.

Alex has that kind of intangible. Part of it is because his experience, the game he played and obviously what he's gone through." 2017 NFL passer rating leader Smith underwent a total of 17 surgeries after his horrific injury.

At one point, Smith was in danger of losing his leg but it all ended on the best possible way. "It was more about the attempt and the journey than the outcome," Smith said. "If I had come up short trying to come back, I would have slept just fine at night knowing I tried.

I'm grateful I'm here right now." Smith still loves the game but he needs to determine on what level he can play going forward. "That feeling it gives you, when you're away from it, you cannot find it anywhere," Smith said. "You can't duplicate it. You get away from it and you miss it quick."