Ex-NFL GM Surprised by Bills' Trade of Star WR Stefon Diggs

Bills shake NFL with unexpected Stefon Diggs trade.

by Zain ul Abedin
Ex-NFL GM Surprised by Bills' Trade of Star WR Stefon Diggs
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In a surprising turn of events, The Buffalo Bills have traded star wide receiver Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans, leaving former NFL general manager Rick Spielman taken aback by the transaction. This move marks a departure from the norm for Buffalo Bills, as they part ways with a key offensive weapon.

Spielman, who had previously traded Diggs to the Bills during his tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, expressed astonishment at the terms of the deal. The compensation received by Buffalo—a 2025 second-round pick and two future late-round draft picks—coupled with the substantial dead money of over $31 million, raised eyebrows across the league.

Trade Motivation Insights

Speaking on the "With the First Pick" podcast, Spielman shared his insights into the motivations behind the trade. He speculated that intangible factors, such as locker room dynamics, quarterback-coach relationships, and changes in offensive strategy, may have influenced the decision.

Despite Diggs' undeniable talent, questions lingered about his declining production in the latter half of the previous season. As the Bills regroup to fill the void left by Diggs, the wide receiver embarks on a new chapter in Houston.

Teaming up with quarterback C.J. Stroud, Diggs joins a Texans roster bolstered by recent acquisitions, including running back Joe Mixon and defensive ends Danielle Hunter and Derek Barnett. Spielman believes that Houston's aggressive roster moves signal their aspirations to contend at the highest level.

Reflecting on Diggs' tenure with the Bills, Spielman acknowledged his competitive spirit and predicted a motivated performance from the veteran receiver in Houston. Despite entering the later stages of his career, Diggs remains a formidable presence on the field, poised to make an impact for his new team.

As the NFL offseason unfolds, all eyes will be on Diggs and the Texans as they strive to make a push for championship contention. With the stage set for a new chapter in his career, Diggs is primed to showcase his talents and elevate Houston's aspirations in the upcoming season.

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