Rachaad White Speaks on Buccaneers' Latest Offensive Revamp

Buccaneers Embrace New Playbook with Optimism and Experience

by Nouman Rasool
Rachaad White Speaks on Buccaneers' Latest Offensive Revamp
© Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

In an insightful interview on the CBS Sports "Pick Six" podcast, Tampa Bay Buccaneers' dynamic running back, Rachaad White, delved into the complexities and inevitable adjustments required within the ever-evolving landscape of the NFL.

Reflecting on the Buccaneers' transition to their third offensive coordinator in as many years, White conveyed a stoic acceptance of the challenges, underscoring his commitment to adaptability rather than dwelling on the difficulties.

"The biggest thing is, [it is] kind of like inevitable," White remarked, echoing the sentiments shared by JoeBucsFan. "It is tough but I’m not going to sit here and complain about it." This period of transition for the Buccaneers was precipitated by the departure of offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich along with five other assistants in January 2023, closely followed by the retirement announcement from the legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

The Buccaneers welcomed Dave Canales, the former Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator, as Leftwich's successor. Canales' tenure in Tampa Bay, albeit brief, was marked by rejuvenating Baker Mayfield's career, propelling him into contention for Comeback Player of the Year.

Despite Canales' departure to the Carolina Panthers as head coach, the Buccaneers have shown resilience by appointing Liam Coen as the new offensive coordinator.

Seamless Strategy Shift

White shared his optimism about the seamless transition from Canales to Coen, highlighting the continuity and synchrony expected within the team.

Coen, with his rich background as the Los Angeles Rams' offensive coordinator and his pivotal role in coaching Mayfield during the 2022 season, brings a wealth of experience and a promising vision for the Buccaneers' offensive strategy.

Notably, Mayfield's recommendation played a significant role in Coen's hiring, even before Mayfield's own commitment to remain with the team was finalized. The Buccaneers' strategic retention of key players such as star wide receiver Mike Evans and running back Chase Edmonds further solidifies the team's foundation.

White's confidence in the team's cohesion underlines a collective determination to overcome the challenges posed by the coaching transitions. This confidence is bolstered by general manager Jason Licht's efforts to maintain the core roster that clinched the NFC South division title last season.

As the Buccaneers navigate through these changes, Mayfield's prior experiences with both the Cleveland Browns and the Panthers, coupled with his brief stint with the Rams, underscore his adaptability. His established rapport with Coen is anticipated to be a catalyst for the team's adaptation to the new offensive playbook, ensuring the Buccaneers are primed for success as the season approaches.