Keyshawn Johnson Criticizes Chiefs' Rashee Rice for Alleged Role in Car Crash

NFL's Johnson voices stern concerns over athlete behavior off-field.

by Nouman Rasool
Keyshawn Johnson Criticizes Chiefs' Rashee Rice for Alleged Role in Car Crash
© Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

In a moment of candid frustration, former NFL standout Keyshawn Johnson expressed his disappointment with Kansas City Chiefs' wide receiver Rashee Rice. Rice, a Super Bowl champion, has found himself at the center of controversy following his alleged connection to a car crash in Dallas, from which he reportedly fled the scene.

Johnson's reaction came during an appearance on Fox Sports' "Undisputed," where he didn't mince words about his feelings towards the incident involving Rice, whom he had mentored before Rice's NFL draft day. "This is unfortunate for Rashee because I know him, and he's old enough to know better.

So, I’m p---ed at him," Johnson revealed, indicating that he had already reached out to Rice with a stern message, though he hadn't received a response. Having spent significant time with Rice in the lead-up to the NFL draft, both in Los Angeles and Dallas, Johnson believed he had imparted enough wisdom on Rice about the realities and responsibilities awaiting him in professional football.

Despite this, Rice's recent actions have drawn criticism, not only from Johnson but from the wider sports community, echoing past concerns that likely affected Rice's draft position.

Ruggs: A Stark Warning

Johnson referenced the harrowing case of Henry Ruggs, the former Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver now serving time for a fatal DUI crash, as a cautionary tale.

"I’m genuinely mad at him because he knows better...You can’t be…it’s different now. You ain’t gonna get that pass the way you would in college in those certain situations," Johnson emphasized, highlighting the grave consequences of such reckless behavior.

While Johnson admitted uncertainty about whether Rice was driving the vehicle involved in the Dallas crash, he expressed a desperate hope that Rice was not directly involved. The seriousness of the situation was underscored by the Dallas Police Department's active search for Rice as part of their investigation, which resulted in injuries to four individuals.

Amidst the swirling allegations, State Sen. Royce West, acting as Rice's attorney, assured that Rice was cooperating fully with law enforcement. West's statement promised that Rice would "take all necessary steps to address the situation responsibly," offering a glimmer of hope that the young athlete might yet navigate his way through this troubling episode.

As the NFL community watches closely, the unfolding drama serves as a stark reminder of the personal responsibilities that come with professional acclaim. For Rice, the path forward is fraught with challenges, but also the possibility of redemption, should he choose to heed the lessons of those who have walked this road before him.