Brock Purdy Nets $739K in Performance Pay from 49ers

Rising star Purdy shines, earns big in NFL rewards.

by Nouman Rasool
Brock Purdy Nets $739K in Performance Pay from 49ers
© Steph Chambers/Getty Images

In a notable financial update from the NFL, San Francisco 49ers' quarterback Brock Purdy's anticipation for a substantial salary boost may be on pause until the forthcoming offseason, yet a considerable sum was secured by him this Monday.

The league disclosed its annual allocation for performance-based compensation, distributing a collective $393.8 million for the 2023 season's exceptional performances. This scheme aims to reward those athletes whose contributions on the field surpass what their current contracts might suggest, marrying performance with playing time and financial remuneration.

Purdy, for his standout contributions, received an impressive bonus of $739,795. This amount represents 75.1% of his 2023 base salary of $985,000, marking it as the 24th highest payout within the league this year. This financial accolade follows a season where Purdy didn't just shatter the franchise record with 4,280 passing yards but also became the first 49ers quarterback since Jeff Garcia in 2001 to throw over 30 touchdown passes in a single season, totaling 31 and earning his first Pro Bowl selection.

Purdy's Performance Payoff

Despite being in only his second season with the NFL, Purdy's remarkable performance positioned him fourth in the Most Valuable Player voting. Yet, with restrictions on eligibility for a substantial contract extension, this performance-based pay represents a significant opportunity for additional earnings based on his on-field achievements.

Looking ahead, the 49ers' management has already signaled intentions to compensate Purdy in alignment with his role as the franchise quarterback. According to Jed York, the team's owner, during the last week's league meetings, ensuring the quarterback, a pivotal team role, receives appropriate financial recognition is a priority.

York emphasized the significance of the quarterback position, not just within football but across all sports, highlighting the expectation of substantial remuneration for such critical roles. Interestingly, Purdy stands as the sole quarterback among the top 25 recipients of this year's performance-based pay, a list predominantly featuring offensive linemen.

This distribution underscores the value and impact of various positions on the field, with former Baltimore Ravens guard John Simpson leading the payouts. Simpson's nearly doubled salary following last season's performance exemplifies the significant financial opportunities available through the NFL's performance-based pay program, spotlighting the league's commitment to rewarding outstanding on-field contributions across all positions.