Jayden Daniels Addresses Injury Rumors After LSU Pro Day Photo Goes Viral

NFL Prospect Daniels Faces Speculation Over Elbow Health.

by Zain ul Abedin
Jayden Daniels Addresses Injury Rumors After LSU Pro Day Photo Goes Viral
© Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

As the 2024 NFL Draft begins to appear on the horizon, Jayden Daniels is labeled one of the top quarterback prospects in the country, celebrated for his electrifying performance at LSU, including a season where he was one of the favorites to win the Heisman Trophy.

He has had the potential to be a very changing player because of his ability to pass and run with great skill in the NFL. Considered a lock to be one of the top picks, quite possibly within the first three picks, Daniels displayed his talents at the LSU Pro Day in an attempt to firm up his draft status.

A picture, however, of his elbow opened up some worrying for a possible chronic injury and thus started speculations for fans and analysts.

Daniels' Injury Debunked

Daniels quickly put those to rest, taking to his X account to issue a statement refuting any injury concerns.

"My elbow is perfectly fine. Stop the cap!!" However, despite his reassurance, Dr. Jesse Morse floated the idea of Daniels having an olecranon bursitis in his right elbow, which a protective sleeve or tape could suggest during his college career.

How much that does affect Daniels' draft stock is still up in the air, but it's not enough to really change the radar on his top ten draft expectation.Daniels has chosen only to participate in pre-draft events, skipping notably, the athletic drills at the NFL Combine and limiting his Pro Day to throwing exercises.

He had prototypical height for a quarterback at 6'3" but noted his weight was rather light at 210 pounds. Daniels generally fared well, in terms of getting the ball downfield, at his pro day in front of scouts, who must have come away pleased with his arm talent.

Speculation for the third overall best fit of the NFL for Daniels has only continued to grow. Of those teams that could take a quarterback this year, the New England Patriots, who have the third overall pick, are seen as the likeliest destination despite their poor wide receiver lineup.

The Washington Commanders, at No. 2, will certainly need a quarterback and should end up with the second one off the board. The other favourites are the Minnesota Vikings, who have a dire need of a quarterback after the departure of Kirk Cousins, and the Las Vegas Raiders, who are being seriously rumoured to trade and get to the highest level to snatch a quarterback. Each team offers unique prospects for Daniels, setting the stage for an intriguing draft decision.