Florio Distrusts Aaron Rodgers' Jets, Cites Draft Needs for Success

Rodgers Seeks Comeback Amid Jets' Uncertain Future.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Florio Distrusts Aaron Rodgers' Jets, Cites Draft Needs for Success
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Gone are those days where Aaron Rodgers could, for all practical purposes, single-handedly guide the team and, with a smidgen of contribution from his right hand, go about his business and assure an NFL team of no fewer than nine wins in a season.

The New York Jets are at a crossroad by 2024: the arm of their legendary quarterback is not going to pull them out of there. This sentiment was echoed by NFL analyst Mike Florio during a recent segment on "Pro Football Talk." Florio delved into various league predictions, emphasizing the pivotal role of the NFL Draft in shaping team fortunes.

"You could be lucky or it could all blow in your face based on what a team does or does not do in the draft," he warned, underlining how the draft could make or break a team's season. However, Florio painted a particularly bleak picture for the Jets, expressing deep skepticism about their prospects.

Jets' Bleak Outlook

"The Jets are a hot mess. I have no confidence in them going over nine and a half wins. 'Oh, Aaron Rodgers is going to be back.' For more than four snaps? I'm taking the under on the Jets," he said bluntly.

Rodgers, on the other hand, looks for redemption after a disappointing 2023 season when he left the field with zero touchdowns, interceptions, yards, and completions on just four plays. Still, he managed a passer rating of 39.6, a small mercy in a year that otherwise marked the sudden plunge from his peak performance.

Last year, in 2020, with a No. 12 Green Bay jersey, Rodgers had a stunning 48 touchdowns to five interceptions, operating with a passer rating of 121.5. Last year, in 2021, his numbers started taking a downward trajectory, but in 2022, it took a further plummet.

With the 2023 season already written off, Rodgers—past 40 years old now—finds himself in a pivotal year with the Jets as the expectations are through the roof, not just for some kind of bounce-back but for something that really could cement his legacy in a positive light.

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