Seahawks' Russell Wilson on early playoff exit: I hate this feeling

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Seahawks' Russell Wilson on early playoff exit: I hate this feeling

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wasn't a happy man after his team exited the playoffs on Saturday. The Seahawks, who hosted the Los Angeles Rams, entered the game as the favorite but it was the Rams who claimed a 30-20 win to advance to the next round.

Wilson failed to deliver for the Seahawks as he went 11-of-27 for 174 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. "I hate this feeling," Wilson acknowledged after the game. The Rams front-four did an excellent job on Wilson, sacking the Seahawks quarterback five times during the game.

"They did a pretty good job up front, obviously. They got me a few times," Wilson said. "I think that, for us, we just didn't play our best game. We weren't on our stuff as much as we needed to be."

A tough day for Wilson

"I thought it was really hard," Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said of Wilson's afternoon. "They make the fantastic interception for a touchdown, which is a great play by the kid.

He took a shot and got it, and that was a big play in this game as it kind of loomed the whole time, that seven points. That's no mistake on Russ' part at all. That's just a great play by them. But it was hard. When you get rushed like that, get sacked five times, against that group, it's just tough."

Wilson was also sacked five times when the two teams met two weeks ago. "This is no surprise," Carroll said. "This is how they've played against other people. We needed to keep this game like we played them last time, where we kept it down, where they scored nine points and we found a way to score 20."

Carroll admitted he regretted the Seahawks didn't adjust better to the way the Rams defend their deep balls. "That doesn't mean we throw the ball over their head all of the time and going for just bombs," Carroll said.

"But there's a lot of space we create in the play-passing game, and it seemed like during the course of the season, after the halfway point, we had hit so much early, we had been so effective that people found a way to stay back and just try to bleed us and make us have to throw the ball underneath, and we were maybe really going for it more than we needed to and didn't take advantage of switching gears a bit there as effectively as we would like."