7/11 Nickname Explained: NFL Analyst on Tom Brady's Ex-Receiver

Exploring the Underrated Impact of a Patriots Receiver.

by Faizan Chaudhary
7/11 Nickname Explained: NFL Analyst on Tom Brady's Ex-Receiver
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In the storied saga of the New England Patriots' dynasty, a constellation of stars circled around the luminary Tom Brady, with Rob Gronkowski often hailed as his prime receiver. Yet, the narrative would be incomplete without acknowledging the prowess of other key players who also caught passes from the legendary quarterback.

Among these, Chris Hogan emerged as a notable figure, standing shoulder to shoulder with celebrated names like Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, and Wes Welker, during Brady's illustrious tenure with the Patriots. As time marches on, the spotlight on Hogan's contributions may have dimmed since his departure from the Patriots five years ago.

Nonetheless, his unique moniker "7-Eleven" was brought back into focus during a recent feature on "Good Morning Football." In this segment, NFL analyst Kyle Brandt revisited the clever nickname, affirming that Hogan was dubbed "7-Eleven" for his remarkable ability to be "always open," much like the convenience stores that dot the American landscape, renowned for their 24/7 operation.

Hogan's Reliable Rise

This nickname wasn't just a catchy phrase; it encapsulated Hogan's reliability and skill on the field, offering a nod to his consistent performance as a dependable receiver for Brady. Despite this acclaim, scrutinizing Hogan's career stats may lead some to question the aptness of such a nickname.

Over his tenure in the NFL from 2013 to 2021, Hogan never surpassed the 1,000-yard mark in a season. His peak performance occurred in 2016 alongside Brady, capturing 38 receptions for 680 yards and four touchdowns—a commendable, though not groundbreaking, achievement.

Hogan's journey through the NFL was marked by stints with five different teams, beginning with the Buffalo Bills and highlighted by his memorable three-season run with the Patriots. His career path was anything but linear, making his first NFL mark at 26 and continuing to compete well into his mid-30s, concluding after the 2021 season at age 34.

Although his career statistics may not dazzle in the annals of NFL history, Hogan's legacy is cemented in the crucial moments and pivotal catches that defined key Patriots victories. It's in these flashes of brilliance, often under the high pressure of tight coverage, that Hogan's "7-Eleven" nickname found its true essence.

His knack for being in the right place at the right moment, especially during Brady's latter years with the Patriots, underscored a career that, while it may not have consistently shattered records, certainly contributed to the lore of one of the NFL's most celebrated dynasties.

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