Bills beat Colts to win first NFL playoff game since 1995

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Bills beat Colts to win first NFL playoff game since 1995

The Buffalo Bills edged out the Indianapolis Colts 27-24 in the wild-card round to claim their first playoff win since 1995. The Colts had a chance to earn a comeback win but they failed to score a touchdown on their final possession as the Bills defense stepped up big time to give the hosts a win.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen went 26-of-35 for 324 yards, two touchdowns and zero interceptions against the Colts. "It's been a long time since Bills mafia has been able to celebrate like this," Allen said postgame on CBS, as revealed on ESPN.

"But again, it's one game. I am just happy for a chance to be able to play next week." Before the season started, the Bills set staging a playoff game as one of their goals for the season. "This was an opportunity in a place that's been down for so long that had such a great tradition, and still has a great fan base," Bills general manager Brandon Beane said in December.

"How exciting would it be to get this thing turned around and host playoff games here? That's what Sean and I want. We want to win the AFC East so that we can host games here. That's been the goal all along, and I think at the end of the day, hopefully, we can get that done this year."

The Bills were ready for a tight contest

The Colts, who were trailing 27-16 before they scored a touchdown and successfully converted for two points, put themselves in a position to win the game but fell short in their attempt.

"This is the playoffs -- this is what it's going to be," Bills receiver Cole Beasley said. "It's going to come down to the wire every time. ... Teams play their best football in the playoffs." Meanwhile, Bills' Dion Dawkins said: "This time I was happy that it was going up there.

Our guys practice it every single day; I see it every single day in practice. I don't want to speak for future days, but they practice for it not to happen. When it went up, I was less stressed because my dogs are prepared for this moment.

As you see, Micah [Hyde] went up and tomahawked that ball down like he was a starter on the volleyball court. "That was a double-hand tomahawk spike as a statement, like it wasn't happening again."