Mike Tomlin to Reporter on Sutton's Arrest: 'None of Your Business

Cornerback's career in jeopardy following legal incident.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Mike Tomlin to Reporter on Sutton's Arrest: 'None of Your Business
© Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is well-regarded not just for his tactical acumen on the field but also for his personal approach off it. Known for extending his support beyond the confines of his team, Tomlin's concern for the welfare of players across the NFL is notable.

This trait was put to the test following the recent troubles of cornerback Cameron Sutton, whose legal issues have attracted significant media attention. NFL journalist Albert Breer reported an interaction with Tomlin concerning Sutton's situation.

When asked if he had reached out to the cornerback, Tomlin's response was candid yet guarded, "I do, but those conversations are between us. None of your business." This reply highlights Tomlin's discretion and his commitment to maintaining the privacy of his communications, even as the public's curiosity peaks.

Sutton's Legal Woes

The backdrop to this exchange involves Sutton's arrest warrant, which was issued after authorities were unable to make contact with him regarding a domestic incident early in March. Sutton, formerly with the Detroit Lions, found his career at a crossroads when the team released him just a day following the issuance of the warrant.

He was at the time under contract, marking the second year of a three-year agreement with the Lions, who have since opted to sever ties without public commentary, likely due to the legal entanglements. Tomlin's refusal to disclose whether he had indeed reached out to Sutton does not diminish the seriousness of the situation but rather underscores a broader issue within the NFL.

Many young players, suddenly affluent and in the public eye, find themselves in challenging circumstances. Tomlin acknowledged his tendency to offer guidance to those in need, a reflection of his broader role within the NFL community.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the future remains uncertain for Sutton, both in terms of his professional career and personal rehabilitation. With the league and his former team maintaining a cautious distance due to the ongoing legal matter, Sutton's path back to professional football appears daunting.

In this complex scenario, figures like Tomlin stand out for their willingness to support players, even as they navigate their darkest moments.