Broncos Draft Update: Sean Payton Eyes Trade-Up, QB Decisions Pending

Denver Shakes Up Draft Strategy with Aggressive Move.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Broncos Draft Update: Sean Payton Eyes Trade-Up, QB Decisions Pending
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As the Denver Broncos gear up for the 2024 NFL Draft, the team is poised to make significant moves, holding eight picks, including the coveted 12th pick in the first round. Following the release of quarterback Russell Wilson, the Broncos are in the market for a new signal-caller, signaling a fresh start under the guidance of head coach Sean Payton.

At the recent AFC Coaches breakfast, Payton hinted at the possibility of trading up to secure a top quarterback prospect, with eyes on the Arizona Cardinals' fourth overall pick or the Los Angeles Chargers' fifth as potential trade partners.

The speculation around Denver's draft strategy intensifies as the team seems inclined to pursue Michigan Wolverines' quarterback J.J. McCarthy. McCarthy, who recently spent five extensive hours meeting with the Broncos, is believed to be at the center of Denver's draft considerations.

With no second-round pick in their arsenal, the Broncos' draft picks span from the first to the sixth round, presenting a challenge in assembling a compelling trade package.

Broncos' Bold Trade

A scenario unfolded where the Broncos orchestrated a trade with the Cardinals, ascending to the fourth overall pick.

This bold move saw Denver Broncos relinquishing their 12th and 76th overall picks, along with a first-round pick in 2025, to secure McCarthy, who was the fourth quarterback selected in this simulation. Despite the inherent risks associated with drafting a quarterback, Sean Payton exudes confidence in navigating the draft to find a quarterback capable of leading the team.

Acknowledging the uncertainties and challenges in predicting a rookie quarterback's adaptability and processing speed, Payton remains optimistic. He recalls experiences with rookies who initially struggled with the playbook, emphasizing the patience and evaluation required to gauge a quarterback's potential impact.

J.J. McCarthy's impressive collegiate performance, including leading the Wolverines to a national championship, with a completion rate of 72.3%, 2,991 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and a mere four interceptions, underscores his potential to be a pivotal figure for the Broncos.

As Denver prepares for the draft, the team's strategy and decisions will undoubtedly shape its future, with the quarterback position at the forefront of this transformative period.

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