Steelers Safety Eyes Team Comeback

Veteran's potential comeback strengthens Steelers' defensive lineup.

by Nouman Rasool
Steelers Safety Eyes Team Comeback
© Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

The Pittsburgh Steelers, coming off the 2023 season, find themselves in a relatively comfortable position concerning their roster's continuity. Notably, the team did not face the predicament of losing any significant players to free agency.

The spotlight, however, was on Mason Rudolph and Miles Killebrew, two pivotal figures from the 2023 squad whose contracts were up for renewal. The Steelers successfully secured Killebrew for another term but decided against retaining Rudolph, who subsequently found a new home with the Tennessee Titans.

Amidst these developments, safety Eric Rowe has been vocal about his intentions to rejoin the Steelers, much to the fans' delight. Rowe, whose tenure in the NFL has been distinguished by key contributions to two Super Bowl victories with the New England Patriots, brought a wealth of playoff experience to Pittsburgh when he signed mid-season in 2023.

Initially joining the practice squad on November 20, Rowe quickly made his way to the main roster, starting in the final three regular-season games. His performance not only solidified the team's defensive line-up but also sparked hope for a possible return in the upcoming season, a sentiment he echoed in response to fans' queries about his future with the team.

Rowe's Return: A Boost

Despite the Steelers' acquisition of safety DeShon Elliott during the 2024 offseason, Rowe's potential return is viewed favorably given his impactful stint last season. In just three games as a starter, he amassed 29 tackles, an interception, and several other key plays, demonstrating that he remains a formidable force on the field.

His leadership qualities and postseason experience could greatly benefit the Steelers, especially considering the injuries and suspensions that plagued their safety positions last year. Rowe's journey with the Steelers last season was commendable, stepping in during crucial moments and delivering performances that highlighted his skill and versatility.

As the team navigates the offseason and looks to strengthen its roster, retaining a seasoned player like Rowe could prove invaluable. His ability to play both safety and slot corner addresses a critical need for Pittsburgh, offering flexibility and depth to the defensive unit.

With the 2024 NFL Draft on the horizon, the Steelers are poised to further bolster their defense. Yet, the prospect of Rowe's return, with his experience, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, presents an intriguing option for Pittsburgh.

As the team aims to build a competitive squad for the upcoming season, the veteran's presence could be a cornerstone in their quest for excellence, reinforcing the Steelers' defense with a blend of skill, leadership, and postseason wisdom.