Georgia's Star RB Trevor Etienne Faces Multiple Misdemeanor Charges

Bulldogs' New Star Faces Legal Issues Off the Field.

by Nouman Rasool
Georgia's Star RB Trevor Etienne Faces Multiple Misdemeanor Charges
© James Gilbert/Getty Images

In a turn of events that has reverberated through the college football community, Trevor Etienne, the celebrated running back for the Georgia Bulldogs, found himself entangled in legal troubles following his arrest on a quartet of misdemeanor charges early Sunday morning.

The allegations against the 20-year-old athlete include driving under the influence (DUI), among others, as per the online records from the Athens-Clarke Jail. Etienne was apprehended at approximately 4:35 a.m. in Athens, only to be released on bail roughly an hour later.

The charges leveled against Etienne encompass a failure to maintain lane/improper driving on roadways, the application of materials to windows/windshields that impair visibility, reckless driving, and notably, a DUI. The DUI charge has been specifically categorized as "less safe," indicating that a conviction could ensue even if Etienne's blood alcohol concentration was found to be below the legal threshold of .08 percent.

Georgia Responds to Arrest

In response to these developments, Steven Drummond, Georgia’s Executive Associate Director for Strategic Communications, issued a statement acknowledging the situation. "We are aware of the charges and are currently in the process of gathering additional information," Drummond remarked, emphasizing the ongoing nature of the legal proceedings and indicating that the university would refrain from further comments at this juncture.

Trevor Etienne's arrival at Georgia had been met with considerable enthusiasm, following a notable stint with the Florida Gators where he amassed over 700 yards rushing across two seasons. His transfer had been seen as a significant acquisition for the Bulldogs, with Coach Kirby Smart lauding Etienne’s leadership and character earlier in the month as spring practices commenced.

"Everything that we’ve heard about Etienne before he got here has held true," Smart said, commending Etienne for his immediate impact on the team's dynamics, reflecting on his established credentials within the league, and underlining his high standards and expectations.

The recent charges against Etienne now cast a shadow over what had been a promising start to his tenure with the Georgia Bulldogs.