George Paton Scouts J.J. McCarthy at Pro Day

Broncos Strategize Amidst Rising Draft Prospect Demand.

by Nouman Rasool
George Paton Scouts J.J. McCarthy at Pro Day
© Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Denver Broncos General Manager George Paton, accompanied by Offensive Line Coach Zach Strief, made their presence known at Michigan's pro day held in Ann Arbor last Friday. The primary focus of their attention was Wolverines quarterback J.J.

McCarthy, whose stock has been steadily ascending on the radar of NFL draft analysts as the event approaches. Among the multitude of prospects showcased at Michigan's pro day, McCarthy stood out as the most prominent figure, particularly for the Broncos, who are actively seeking solutions for their quarterback needs.

Speculation surrounding McCarthy's potential fit with the Broncos intensified following reports from KFAN's Paul Allen, indicating that Broncos Head Coach Sean Payton holds a significant interest in the young quarterback.

Moreover, it was revealed that the Broncos engaged in discussions with McCarthy during the combine, suggesting a genuine interest from the organization's leadership.

Draft Dilemma: Broncos' Challenge

However, the Broncos face a significant challenge in securing McCarthy, given their 12th overall pick in the first round, which may not be early enough to snag the highly touted quarterback.

Considering McCarthy's escalating demand and the interest from other teams, such as the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings, who are exploring trade scenarios to bolster their quarterback position, the Broncos might need to contemplate a strategic move to secure their desired prospect.

Options for the Broncos include trading up in the draft order, potentially aiming for the 4th overall pick, which could necessitate negotiations with teams like the Arizona Cardinals. Such a maneuver would likely require a calculated exchange of assets, showcasing the Broncos' determination to solidify their quarterback position for the upcoming season.

With the 2024 NFL draft slated to take place in Detroit from April 25th to 27th, the Broncos, along with other teams eyeing top quarterback prospects, are gearing up for strategic maneuvers that could redefine their future trajectories on the gridiron.