Top Recruit Chooses Colorado, Credits Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders Transforms Colorado's Future With Strategic Moves.

by Nouman Rasool
Top Recruit Chooses Colorado, Credits Deion Sanders
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In the aftermath of a challenging season that saw University of Colorado's quarterback, Shedeur Sanders, endure the highest number of sacks in college football with a staggering 52, head coach Deion Sanders took decisive action.

Recognizing the urgent need to bolster the team's offensive line, Coach Sanders, who also happens to be Shedeur's father, set his sights on securing top-tier protection for the 2024 season. This strategic move culminated in the acquisition of Jordan Seaton, a highly-touted five-star offensive tackle, marking a significant triumph for the Colorado Buffaloes.

During his initial interaction with the Colorado media on Wednesday, Seaton shared a unique aspect of Coach Sanders' recruitment approach that deeply resonated with him. Unlike the majority of coaches who tend to shower recruits with endless praise, Sanders adopted a candid and constructive strategy.

He pinpointed specific areas of Seaton's game that required improvement, such as his need for better hip flexibility. "He told me I need to bend my hips a little bit more, so I’m like, ‘I can work with that,’” Seaton reflected.

This honest feedback, emphasizing personal development over flattery, distinguished Sanders and made a lasting impression on Seaton. "Right now you’re trying to elevate me, and I’m not even here. You’re invested in me and just want me to win, and I haven’t even come to your school yet," Seaton admired, expressing his appreciation for Sanders' genuine interest in his growth rather than mere accolades.

Sanders' Recruiting Mastery

Remarkably, Coach Sanders has revolutionized the recruiting landscape without ever leaving campus, as reported by USA Today. His commitment to on-campus recruitment did not hinder Colorado's appeal to top prospects.

The Buffaloes boasted the No. 21-ranked recruiting class in 2023 and have maintained a competitive stance with the 22nd overall rank for their 2024 class, according to 247Sports. Among the influx of new talent, Seaton stands out as a beacon of potential, alongside five other offensive linemen joining the squad.

This group, predominantly sourced from the NCAA transfer portal, includes Seaton and four-star Houston transfer Tyler Johnson as the most highly rated, signaling a promising reinforcement of the Buffaloes' offensive line and an ambitious stride toward a formidable 2024 season.

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