3 Next Moves for Bills' Stefon Diggs

NFL Offseason Buzz: Diggs' Future Sparks Trade Talk.

by Nouman Rasool
3 Next Moves for Bills' Stefon Diggs
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As the NFL offseason gears up, the spotlight intensifies on Buffalo Bills' standout wide receiver Stefon Diggs, whose future with the team is shrouded in speculation. Over the recent weekend, Diggs stirred the pot with enigmatic messages on X, the platform previously known as Twitter, reigniting rumors about a potential departure from Buffalo.

While deciphering Diggs' social media tea leaves is a speculative sport at best, a trade scenario isn't out of the realm of possibility given the Bills' precarious cap situation. The team has already been busy restructuring contracts and making cuts to navigate its financial crunch.

Complicating matters, Diggs experienced a noticeable dip in performance during the latter half of 2023, with his output dwindling to an average of just 45 receiving yards across the final seven games and a solitary touchdown to his name.

A post-June 1 trade could be financially beneficial for Buffalo, freeing up over $19 million in cap space for 2024 while saddling them with $8.8 million in dead money. Should the Bills opt to explore trade avenues for the 30-year-old Pro Bowler, several teams emerge as potential destinations.

Arizona Cardinals:

The Cardinals, poised to pick early in the upcoming draft, could opt for immediate impact by trading for Diggs. This move would enable Arizona to leverage its fourth overall pick in more creative, potentially lucrative ways.

With the Cardinals holding the most 2024 draft picks (11 in total) and sitting on substantial cap space, acquiring Diggs appears to be a savvy move to fast-track their rebuilding efforts, especially in the wake of WR Marquise Brown's departure to Kansas City.

Houston Texans:

Under GM Nick Caserio, the Texans have been proactive in building around star QB C.J. Stroud's cost-effective rookie contract. Houston's offseason maneuvers signal a desire to bolster its roster, a sentiment underscored by their involvement in trade talks for Keenan Allen before his move to Chicago.

With the Texans already showing a willingness to invest in high-caliber receivers, pursuing Diggs could be a game-changer, potentially elevating Houston to surprise Super Bowl contenders next year.

New York Giants:

The Giants' recent trade activities might make them hesitant to dip further into their draft capital.

Yet, their intimate familiarity with Diggs' capabilities—thanks to Head Coach Brian Daboll's tenure as his offensive coordinator in Buffalo—could make them an intriguing fit. Under Daboll, Diggs thrived, leading the league in receptions and receiving yards in 2020.

While replicating such success in New York's current offensive setup might be challenging, Diggs' presence could be invaluable, especially if the Giants secure a quarterback in the draft poised for immediate impact. In an offseason filled with speculation and strategic maneuvering, Diggs' situation is a focal point, with potential ripple effects across the league, reshaping contenders and signaling the Bills' future direction.

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