Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence declares for NFL draft

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Clemson Tigers QB Trevor Lawrence declares for NFL draft

Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence has officially confirmed that he intends to enter the upcoming NFL draft. Lawrence, who is projected to go at No. 1 in the NFL draft, led Clemson to an undefeated season in 2019 and to the National Championship.

This past season, Lawrence once again led Clemson to the National Championship Game but this time failed to lead them to a victory as Ohio State won the title. Lawrence enjoyed an extremely successful college career as he was also named the National Championship Game MVP in 2019.

"My time here has been amazing, and I'll be a Clemson Tiger forever," Lawrence said, as revealed on ESPN. Lawrence enjoyed lots of success on the field during his days with Clemson but he hopes that he will he remembered as a great teammates and a great person.

"Looking back on it, I hope my legacy is that I was a great teammate and a great person overall, more than how I played," Lawrence said. "It's how I treated people. I want that to be the main thing I'm known for."

Lawrence had doubts

In October, Lawrence told ESPN that he would be entering this upcoming NFL draft but later said "who knows" when asked about the draft. "I'm just trying to enjoy my last few months here if that's what I decide to do," Lawrence said at the time.

"I'm just trying to enjoy it, and obviously I'm not trying to make a stir. I don't want any more people talking about me than they already are, so my thing is I'm just never going to corner myself to where I have to do something just because of something I said in the past."

Lawrence is considered as one of the all-time great prospects and the whole season long he had been labeled as the future No. 1 pick. Lawrence enjoyed his days Clemson and he also remembered all of the guys he had played with at college.

"To all my teammates over the past three years, it's been the most fun ride I've been on," Lawrence said. "I'll look back on these last three years and have the best memories." Clemson was the favorite to beat the Ohio State in the National Championship Game but they failed to do as Ohio State dominated Clemson 49-28.

Ohio State quarterback Justin Field absolutely outplayed Lawrence in the final and he is also expected to go high in the upcoming draft.