Jets Acquire QB Tyrod Taylor and Guard John Simpson in Latest Roster Moves

Jets bolster roster with experienced quarterback addition.

by Nouman Rasool
Jets Acquire QB Tyrod Taylor and Guard John Simpson in Latest Roster Moves
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In a strategic bolstering of their roster at the outset of free agency, the New York Jets have taken decisive steps to fortify their lineup by securing agreements with seasoned quarterback Tyrod Taylor, formerly of the New York Giants, and guard John Simpson, previously with the Baltimore Ravens, as confirmed by insider sources to ESPN.

This move not only shores up the Jets' quarterback depth behind Aaron Rodgers but also strengthens a critical component of their offense—the offensive line, identified as a pivotal area for improvement following the team's performance last year.

Adding another layer to their defensive strategy, the Jets also clinched a deal with former San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw, a first-round selection in the 2020 draft. This trio of acquisitions underscores the Jets' commitment to addressing both their offensive and defensive needs from day one of free agency.

Taylor Joins Jets

The quest for a reliable backup for Zach Wilson has culminated in the acquisition of Taylor, bringing his extensive experience and familiarity with the New York market to the Jets. Despite his challenges with durability, Taylor's performance as a starter for the Giants last season showcased his resilience and skill, contributing significantly to the team despite setbacks.

With a career marked by a Super Bowl title and a Pro Bowl selection, Taylor's two-year contract with the Jets promises to bring leadership and depth to the quarterback position. Simpson, on the other hand, is set to fill a vital gap in the offensive line left by the departure of Laken Tomlinson, signing a two-year deal potentially worth up to $18 million.

His proven track record for durability and effectiveness in pass blocking positions him as a key component in the Jets' strategy to rejuvenate their offensive line. The addition of Kinlaw, following a career hampered by injuries but showing promise in his latest season, signifies the Jets' intention to solidify their defensive front, anticipating his contribution to their defensive scheme in the coming season.

These strategic signings by the Jets not only address immediate needs but also signal a comprehensive approach to building a competitive team for the upcoming season, aiming to make a significant impact in the league.