Top 5 RB Free Agency Moves, Including Devin Singletary's Shift to Chargers

Exploring key off-season shifts in the NFL landscape.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Top 5 RB Free Agency Moves, Including Devin Singletary's Shift to Chargers
© Andy Lyons/Getty Images

As the 2024 NFL offseason intensifies with the free agency period poised to commence in under a week, the running back (RB) position emerges as a pivotal area of focus. Historically, RBs have played a crucial role in shaping fantasy football landscapes each season.

With some of the league's elite talents potentially donning new jerseys, the upcoming season promises significant shifts. The class of 2024 free agents boasts an impressive roster of RBs, many of whom have consistently topped fantasy football charts in recent years.

Their decisions in the offseason could drastically alter their fantasy standings, reshaping the RB rankings for the year.

Several potential transfers stand out for their capacity to redefine the fantasy football scene:


Saquon Barkley's Potential Move to the Texans: Barkley, known for his explosive playmaking ability, has been a linchpin for the New York Giants. Amid contract negotiations, rumors swirl about a possible transition to the Houston Texans, a team fresh off a playoff appearance.

With a robust offense and a superior offensive line, Barkley could emerge as a top fantasy RB. 2. Derrick Henry Eyes the Cowboys: Henry, after a storied tenure with the Tennessee Titans, is eyeing free agency. His record as one of the league's top rushers positions him as a valuable asset.

The Dallas Cowboys, with their high-scoring offense, could offer Henry ample scoring opportunities. 3. Devin Singletary to Chargers: Last season, Singletary stepped up as a primary RB for the Houston Texans, filling in for Dameon Pierce.

The Los Angeles Chargers, seeking a replacement for Austin Ekeler, could be an ideal fit. Under the run-focused strategy of new head coach Jim Harbaugh, Singletary might unlock his RB1 potential. 4. Josh Jacobs to Ravens: With no extension from the Las Vegas Raiders, Jacobs is a free agent to watch.

The Baltimore Ravens, in need of a reliable RB, could greatly benefit from Jacobs' prowess. Given Baltimore's effective rushing scheme, Jacobs could achieve remarkable success. 5. Tony Pollard's Potential Impact with the Vikings: Despite falling short of expectations last season, Pollard still surpassed 1,000 rushing yards with the Dallas Cowboys.

Now a free agent, he could offer a significant boost to the Minnesota Vikings, particularly in the wake of Alexander Mattison's departure. With the Vikings looking to improve their rushing game, Pollard could step into a leading role.