Brother of Chiefs QB Jackson Mahomes Receives Probation Sentence

Legal turmoil unfolds around NFL star's younger brother

by Zain ul Abedin
Brother of Chiefs QB Jackson Mahomes Receives Probation Sentence
© Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

In a recent development that has caught the attention of sports and legal circles alike, Jackson Mahomes, the younger sibling of the celebrated Super Bowl champion and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has been handed a six-month probationary sentence following a guilty plea to a misdemeanour battery charge.

This legal outcome stems from allegations that surfaced against him involving an assault on a female individual. The 23-year-old Jackson Mahomes found himself before the court via a videoconference on Thursday, where he entered a guilty plea for the misdemeanour count, as documented in online judicial records.

After the hearing, he was placed under the jurisdiction of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office to assess his eligibility for a work release program. This case has been a focal point of legal scrutiny, particularly after an initial set of more severe charges - three felony counts of aggravated s-xual battery - were dismissed a couple of months prior.

These charges were related to accusations claiming Jackson Mahomes forcibly grabbed a woman by her neck and kissed her without her consent within the confines of a restaurant located in Overland Park, Kansas, in February 2023.

The dismissal of these charges came about due to the victim's withdrawal from cooperation, as indicated in a legal document.

Charges Lead to Closure

The charge that led to the probation sentence accused Jackson of physically pushing a waiter who attempted to intervene in a situation involving him and the woman in a private room, as per the investigation findings.

The decision to drop the felony charges was influenced by the victim, also the proprietor of the involved restaurant, who declined to participate in the court proceedings. She reported experiencing death threats and harassment, in addition to vandalism directed at her restaurant following the incident, which ultimately led to its closure in August.

Jackson Mahomes' legal troubles highlight a troubling period for the Mahomes family, as Patrick Mahomes Sr., the father of the Chiefs quarterback and a former major league baseball pitcher, was arrested in Texas on charges of driving while intoxicated on February 3rd.

This incident unfolded just a week before Patrick Mahomes Jr. clinched his third Super Bowl title, leading the Chiefs to a narrow 25-22 overtime victory against the San Francisco 49ers, marking a bittersweet juxtaposition of personal achievements and familial challenges.