Russell Wilson's Impact: Denver's Ongoing Woes

Denver Broncos navigate financial aftermath of player departures

by Zain ul Abedin
Russell Wilson's Impact: Denver's Ongoing Woes
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In a bid to alleviate the aftermath of their association with veteran quarterback Russell Wilson, the Denver Broncos made the consequential move of parting ways with the seasoned player earlier this week. However, this seemingly definitive action did not suffice to resolve the array of issues that ensued following Russell Wilson's tenure with the team.

This became glaringly evident in recent developments. On Thursday, the Denver Broncos opted to sever ties with veteran safety Justin Simmons, a distinguished two-time Pro Bowl awardee and a pivotal figure in the team's formidable defense.

The decision to release Simmons was primarily driven by the imperative to free up salary cap space, a critical maneuver in the intricate financial landscape of professional football.

Financial Repercussions Unfold

Announcing this significant development, reputable NFL insider Adam Schefter took to X, the popular social media platform formerly known as Twitter, to relay the news, stating, "Broncos are releasing former All-Pro safety Justin Simmons after eight seasons in Denver, per league sources.

Moving on from Simmons, who went to the Pro Bowl last season, will save the Broncos $14.5 million against their salary cap." The urgency to bolster their financial flexibility stems largely from the financial burden imposed by Russell Wilson's contract.

Despite the Broncos' decision to part ways with Russell Wilson, they remain encumbered by substantial financial obligations owed to the quarterback, resulting in a staggering dead cap hit of $85 million. This substantial allocation of resources towards a player no longer in their ranks severely constrains the team's ability to allocate funds to other essential facets of their roster.

Consequently, while the Denver Broncos may have severed their on-field ties with Russell Wilson, the ramifications of his contract continue to reverberate throughout the organization, compelling them to navigate through the financial repercussions for the foreseeable future.

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