Russell Wilson's Next Move: Top 8 NFL Teams After Broncos Departure

Broncos part ways, sparking Russell Wilson's search for a team.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Russell Wilson's Next Move: Top 8 NFL Teams After Broncos Departure
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In a move that reverberated through the NFL, the Denver Broncos have made the bold decision to part ways with Russell Wilson, a quarterback once dubbed “Mr. Unlimited” for his seemingly boundless potential. Despite incurring a hefty $85 million salary cap hit, the Broncos confirmed on Monday their intent to release Wilson, marking a surprising yet anticipated conclusion to his tenure with the team just two years following his high-profile acquisition and subsequent contract extension.

This development hardly shocked observers, especially in light of Coach Sean Payton's decision to bench Wilson during the last two weeks of the previous season. Despite Wilson’s statistically improved performance compared to his inaugural year with Denver, his synergy with Coach Payton has been less than ideal, likened to mixing oil and water.

This uneasy alliance, coupled with Payton’s arrival in 2023, set the stage for potential change.

Wilson's Next Chapter

As the Broncos look ahead, holding the 12th pick in the 2024 draft, their search for a new quarterback begins.

Meanwhile, the focus shifts to Wilson's future prospects. In a gracious social media farewell to Denver and its fans, Wilson expressed enthusiasm for his next chapter, leaving the door open to speculation about his next destination.

Several teams emerge as potential suitors for the nine-time Pro Bowler. The Atlanta Falcons stand out, positioned just a quarterback away from contending in the NFC South. With the Falcons set to pick eighth in the first round of the draft, acquiring Wilson could offer an immediate competitive edge, leveraging the talents of players like Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson.

The Chicago Bears might consider Wilson for a short-term engagement, capitalizing on his experience to mentor emerging talents or serve as a reliable interim quarterback. Similarly, the Las Vegas Raiders, amid a rebuilding phase, could see Wilson as an upgrade over their current options, offering him a chance to compete against the Broncos twice annually.

The Miami Dolphins present a more speculative option, with quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s future uncertain amid contract negotiations. Wilson could step in as a high-caliber fallback should Tagovailoa exit, even if for a short period.

Other teams, including the Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers, each with their unique circumstances, might also view Wilson as a valuable addition. Whether as a mentor, a stopgap, or a potential starter, Wilson’s proven track record and leadership could invigorate these squads as they navigate the upcoming season.

As the NFL landscape shifts, Wilson’s departure from Denver opens a new chapter, not just for him but for the teams vying for his services. Amid speculation and strategy, the next steps for "Mr. Unlimited" promise to be a key storyline in the NFL’s unfolding drama.

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