Vikings Predicted to Start Season with $242M QB

NFL's quarterback landscape set for significant changes ahead.

by Nouman Rasool
Vikings Predicted to Start Season with $242M QB
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As the Minnesota Vikings strategize for their future, the team faces pivotal decisions regarding their quarterback lineup. The scenario of re-signing Kirk Cousins or opting to trade for a top quarterback draft pick remains uncertain.

However, ESPN's Seth Walder presents a compelling prediction for the Vikings' starting quarterback in the upcoming 2024 season, suggesting an unexpected yet plausible direction for the team. Walder’s analysis envisions Russell Wilson, currently with the Denver Broncos, at the helm for the Vikings, supplemented by a potential new talent in Bo Nix from Oregon.

"Imagine a scenario where Wilson joins forces with Nix," Walder suggests, highlighting a strategy that moves away from investing in Cousins with a multi-year contract due to the financial implications. Should Cousins depart, Walder views Wilson as an optimal short-term solution, especially considering the unlikelihood of acquiring Justin Fields from division rivals, the Chicago Bears.

Walder further recommends that if the Vikings pursue this path, securing Wilson and drafting a quarterback with their No. 11 pick would be a strategic move.

Quarterback Shuffle Predicted

Walder also forecasts a new beginning for Cousins as the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, while projecting that Jayden Daniels from LSU and Drake Maye from UNC will take starting roles for the New England Patriots and the Washington Commanders, respectively.

Russell Wilson's tenure in Denver has been scrutinized, particularly after a challenging 2022 season. Nonetheless, his performance in 2023 demonstrated resilience and skill, completing 66.4% of his passes and achieving 26 touchdowns with only 8 interceptions over 15 games.

At 35, Wilson's agility may have diminished, but his experience and leadership qualities remain invaluable, making him a viable candidate for the Vikings, especially under the guidance of head coach Kevin O’Connell and the dynamic receiving trio of Justin Jefferson, Jordan Addison, and T.J.

Hockenson. The Broncos face a critical decision with Wilson, as cutting him would entail a substantial financial hit of $85 million in dead money, due to the $242.6 million extension signed in 2022. Denver's head coach Sean Payton hinted at an imminent decision regarding Wilson's future with the team, a move that could potentially open doors for the Vikings to secure Wilson on favorable terms.

As the Vikings aim to build on their NFC North Division title from two years ago, acquiring a player of Wilson's caliber could significantly bolster their prospects for immediate success, aligning with their strategy to remain competitive in the upcoming season.