Robert Kraft Jokes: Taylor Swift Should've Chosen 'Gronk' Over Travis Kelce

Patriots' Kraft shares unique bond with pop icon Swift.

by Nouman Rasool
Robert Kraft Jokes: Taylor Swift Should've Chosen 'Gronk' Over Travis Kelce
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In a light-hearted moment that intertwined the worlds of NFL and pop music, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft shared his musings on Taylor Swift's choice in romantic partners, specifically within the realm of NFL tight ends.

During a casual chat captured in a social media video this past Saturday, Kraft couldn't help but express his admiration for Swift's meteoric rise to fame and her current liaison with Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce. Reflecting on Swift's journey, Kraft reminisced, "Think about it: She was 18, 19 [years old] and she’s done pretty well.

Except maybe she should’ve been dating Gronk [former Patriots star Rob Gronkowski]. He’s better looking." The remark, delivered with a chuckle, was part of a broader narrative that included a personal anecdote about Swift's early career milestone, which coincidentally intertwined with Kraft's life.

Kraft's Swift Gesture

Kraft recounted, "Taylor, her first stadium concert was on my birthday in 2010, June 5. We convinced her and her family that she could sell out a stadium." He further shared a thoughtful gesture he extended towards Swift during a Chiefs-Patriots game, presenting her with a framed ticket from her inaugural stadium concert held at Gillette Stadium, marking a full-circle moment in their acquaintance.

While Kraft's comment about Gronkowski was made in jest, it's noteworthy that Gronk, a key figure in the Patriots' championship runs, has been in a long-term relationship with Camille Kostek, a bond that began during his illustrious tenure in New England.

The Swift-Kelce romance has indeed been a captivating subplot of the NFL season, adding a dash of celebrity sparkle to the on-field action, notably during the Chiefs' victorious campaign that culminated in a thrilling Super Bowl triumph over the San Francisco 49ers.

Gronkowski, whose NFL journey includes a brief retirement followed by a victorious stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has left an indelible mark on the sport, one that includes a memorable performance against Kelce's Chiefs in Super Bowl LV.

As Kelce jetted off to Sydney, Australia, to support Swift on her Eras Tour, the narrative of this NFL-pop culture crossover continues to unfold, blending the realms of sports, music, and personal connections in an intriguing tapestry that captivates fans and onlookers alike.

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