Russell Wilson Eyes NFL Minimum Deal Post-Broncos

NFL's Wilson navigates a unique financial crossroads post-Broncos.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Russell Wilson Eyes NFL Minimum Deal Post-Broncos
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In a surprising turn of events, NFL star quarterback Russell Wilson appears ready to consider a significant salary reduction for his next professional chapter. According to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler, Wilson is open to accepting the veteran's minimum for the 2024 season following his anticipated release from the Denver Broncos.

The decision, as Fowler highlighted on SportsCenter, comes as the Broncos prepare to part ways with Wilson. "The Denver Broncos are expected to release Russell Wilson around the new league year in the coming weeks," Fowler stated.

Despite a guaranteed $39 million owed to Wilson, the Broncos seem determined to start afresh, allowing Wilson the freedom to sign elsewhere for potentially less than his market value.

Broncos' Costly Release

This development is particularly noteworthy considering the financial implications for the Broncos.

Releasing Wilson would result in an unprecedented $85 million dead cap hit, yet it seems the only viable option for the team to move forward. Even more intriguing is the scenario where Wilson, guaranteed his $39 million from the Broncos, could essentially 'double-dip' by earning additional income from a new team.

This situation could see him pocketing over $60 million this season. The prospect of a player of Wilson's caliber, even amid a perceived decline, settling for the league minimum is almost unheard of. For context, Jimmy Garoppolo, with a comparatively modest career, secured a three-year, $72.8 million contract last offseason.

This sets a precedent well above the league minimum for a quarterback of Wilson's experience and achievements. Wilson's strategy could be a tactical move, aimed at making himself more appealing to potential teams. By showing flexibility in salary demands, Wilson might find a more suitable team willing to offer him a starting position, thereby positioning himself for a stronger market presence in the following year.

Meanwhile, the Broncos face the daunting task of filling Wilson's void, with a significant portion of their cap space absorbed by his dead money. This situation leaves the team in a challenging position as they navigate the complexities of NFL roster and financial management.

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