Damar Hamlin Eyes Steelers for Comeback

Local talent eyes return to Pittsburgh gridiron roots.

by Nouman Rasool
Damar Hamlin Eyes Steelers for Comeback
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The Pittsburgh Steelers are on the lookout for a formidable safety to bolster their defense, and it appears the stars may align with several local talents hitting the free agent market. Among these hometown heroes is Damar Hamlin, a Central Catholic alumnus and a former standout at Pitt, who has bravely battled back to the field with the Buffalo Bills this past season following a challenging journey.

During a preseason clash in Pittsburgh, Hamlin showcased his skills with multiple tackles as his family cheered on from nearby McKees Rocks. This game was more than just a match for Hamlin; it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to play professional football in his beloved Pittsburgh.

"It was a dream come true to step onto this field as a professional, in front of my hometown crowd," Hamlin shared. The game was imbued with a friendly rivalry, as Hamlin noted the playful banter with his Steeler-supporting friends.

Hamlin's Steelers Dream

As the offseason unfolds in Pittsburgh, Hamlin finds himself at a career crossroads with free agency on the horizon. Amidst this pivotal moment, Hamlin expressed his heartfelt aspiration to don the Steelers' colors.

Speaking at an event hosted by Billy Lesnak, Hamlin opened up about his aspirations, "To conclude my career with the Steelers, the team of my city, where I've competed from high school championships to college, would be the pinnacle of my football journey." The potential addition of Hamlin to the Steelers' roster could not only address the team's need for depth in the safety position but also bring a local hero back to his roots.

His respect for Coach Mike Tomlin and the possibility of reuniting with his former Pitt teammate, Kenny Pickett, adds an intriguing narrative to this prospect. As Pittsburgh looks to fortify its defense, the idea of Hamlin returning to play for his hometown team is a storybook scenario that could well become a reality.

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