Jeff Hafley Departs Boston College for Packers' DC Position

From college ranks to NFL, Hafley's path unfolds.

by Nouman Rasool
Jeff Hafley Departs Boston College for Packers' DC Position
© Justin Berl/Getty Images

In an unexpected move that caught the football world off guard, Jeff Hafley has transitioned from his role as head coach at Boston College to embrace the position of defensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers. Hafley, who boasts a substantial tenure as an NFL assistant, made a decision that some might find unconventional opting for a coordinator role over continuing as a head coach within a Power Conference.

During a recent press interaction in Green Bay, Hafley shed light on the motivations behind his decision, highlighting the allure of the Packers organization and the opportunity to collaborate closely with head coach Matt LaFleur.

"The decision to join the Packers was influenced significantly by the people here, particularly Matt," Hafley remarked. He elaborated on his longstanding acquaintance with LaFleur, emphasizing the respect and admiration he holds for LaFleur's leadership and achievements with the team.

Hafley's Diverse Journey

Hafley's coaching career, marked by a four-year stint at Boston College where he posted a 22-26 record, has been diverse. His experience spans across various roles in the NFL, including significant time with teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, and San Francisco 49ers, primarily focusing on defensive backs coaching from 2012 to 2018.

Following his NFL tenure, Hafley ventured back into college football with Ohio State as the defensive coordinator and DBs coach in 2019, before taking the reins at Boston College the subsequent year. The shifting dynamics in college football, particularly with aspects like NIL and roster retention, have been cited by ESPN’s Pete Thamel as potential factors influencing Hafley's move.

However, Hafley himself pointed to the historic prestige of the Packers and the opportunity to return to the NFL as pivotal reasons for his decision. "To be part of such a storied franchise like the Green Bay Packers is a dream for anyone who has grown up with a passion for football," Hafley stated, expressing his awe and excitement about joining a team with such a rich legacy and dedicated fanbase.

Hafley's decision, while difficult, especially considering the bonds formed at Boston College, was made easier by the prospect of being part of the Packers. Reflecting on his choice, Hafley expressed confidence and enthusiasm for his new role, looking forward to contributing to the team's success and embarking on this new chapter in his coaching career.