Chiefs' Strategy Behind Securing Patrick Mahomes

Chiefs' GM Veach reveals insights on pivotal 2017 draft

by Zain ul Abedin
Chiefs' Strategy Behind Securing Patrick Mahomes
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In a remarkable maneuver during the 2017 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs, initially positioned at the No. 27 pick, boldly ascended to the No. 10 slot to secure quarterback Patrick Mahomes. This strategic move, orchestrated by the Chiefs' general manager, Brett Veach, was recently illuminated in an insightful discussion with Peter King for his renowned "Football Morning in America" column.

The journey of the Kansas City Chiefs to secure Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL Draft was a complex and calculated endeavor, marked by strategic planning and keen foresight. General Manager Brett Veach, in his detailed conversation with Peter King, shed light on the intricate process that led to this landmark decision.

At the heart of their strategy was a carefully orchestrated agreement with the Buffalo Bills. This deal, however, hinged on a crucial condition: Mahomes had to be available when the No. 10 pick came around. The Chiefs' meticulous planning and readiness to seize the opportunity played a pivotal role in successfully drafting Mahomes, a decision that would significantly shape the team's future.

Strategic Draft Move

"I think a combination of a couple of things worked in our favor. It's not easy to move from 27 to 10. But Buffalo, at 10, just had a coaching change, and there's a good chance they wanted picks to put some pieces together," Veach explained.

This scenario presented an opportune moment for the Chiefs, as the teams slated to pick at 11, 12, and 13 were also potential contenders for Mahomes. Securing the No. 10 pick was therefore crucial to outmaneuvering these teams.

Veach also highlighted the element of surprise as a key factor in their strategy. The Chiefs' interest in Mahomes wasn't widely anticipated, giving them an edge in the negotiations. "I don’t think many people were expecting us to pick him," he noted.

This bold draft move by the Kansas City Chiefs exemplifies the intricate planning and strategic foresight prevalent in the NFL. The acquisition of Mahomes, now a pivotal figure in the team, demonstrates how a well-executed strategy and a bit of surprise can lead to a franchise-altering outcome.

As history now shows, this decision was not only successful but transformative for the Chiefs, marking a new era in their pursuit of championship glory.

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