Antonio Pierce: Kingsbury's Move from Vegas to Washington OC Post-Magic Johnson Pitch

Coaching shake-up stirs NFL offseason intrigue.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Antonio Pierce: Kingsbury's Move from Vegas to Washington OC Post-Magic Johnson Pitch
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The Las Vegas Raiders are navigating significant changes in their coaching roster this offseason, with Antonio Pierce stepping into the role of head coach after Josh McDaniels' departure during the 2023 season. Pierce's interim tenure saw promising results, leading to his official appointment as head coach.

Now at the helm, Pierce faces the task of assembling his coaching staff. During a recent appearance on The Pivot Podcast, Pierce shared insights into the Raiders' coaching pursuits, particularly regarding the offensive coordinator position.

Initially, it appeared that Kliff Kingsbury was poised to join the Raiders as offensive coordinator. Pierce expressed confidence in securing Kingsbury's services until a last-minute twist altered the course of events. According to Pierce, Magic Johnson, now part of the Washington Commanders' ownership, played a pivotal role in swaying Kingsbury's decision.

Kingsbury Joins Commanders

Despite the Raiders' apparent confidence in securing Kingsbury, the former Arizona Cardinals head coach ultimately opted to join the Commanders under new head coach Dan Quinn. Kingsbury's previous season as a Senior Offensive Analyst with the USC Trojans, where he collaborated closely with top quarterback prospect Caleb Williams, added intrigue to his next NFL move.

Speculation abounds that the Commanders targeted Kingsbury with an eye toward pairing him with Williams, a narrative that could significantly shape their upcoming draft strategy, holding the second overall pick. Meanwhile, the Raiders were left to adjust their plans after losing Kingsbury.

They swiftly turned to Luke Getsy to fill the offensive coordinator role. Getsy arrives from the Chicago Bears, where he served as offensive coordinator and worked closely with quarterback Justin Fields. With rumors swirling about the Bears potentially parting ways with Fields, a reunion between Fields and Getsy in Las Vegas could materialize, especially given the Raiders' quarterback needs.

As the Raiders prepare for the 2024 season, the dynamics of their coaching staff and potential quarterback acquisitions add layers of intrigue to their offseason maneuvers.

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