Is Chiefs DT Chris Jones No Longer a Free Agent?

Speculation ends as Chris Jones hints at his future.

by Nouman Rasool
Is Chiefs DT Chris Jones No Longer a Free Agent?
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As the NFL's new league year approaches, the free agency market buzzes with speculation and anticipation. Among the most coveted names poised to command attention is Chris Jones, the formidable defensive tackle from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Jones, who has been a linchpin in the Chiefs' defensive lineup, was widely expected to be a top pick for numerous teams seeking to bolster their defense. In a surprising twist, however, Jones appeared to preempt the free agency frenzy by hinting at a contract extension with the Chiefs during the team's celebratory Super Bowl parade.

Addressing the jubilant crowd, Jones emphatically declared, "I ain't going nowhere, baby! I will be here next year, the after and the year after." This proclamation has led many to infer that Jones is confident in securing a three-year extension with the Chiefs, keeping him off the open market.

With an impressive tally of 75.5 career sacks since his entry into the league in 2016, and a remarkable 35 sacks over the past three seasons, Jones's impact on the field is undeniable. His stellar performance has not only made him an invaluable asset to the Chiefs but also set the stage for what promises to be a lucrative contract negotiation.

In 2023, Jones commanded a salary of $19.5 million, but his sights are likely set higher, potentially eyeing a deal akin to that of Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams, which could exceed $90 million over three years.

Jones's Loyalty to Chiefs

The Arizona Cardinals, among other teams, were speculated to be in the hunt for a game-changer of Jones's caliber.

However, if Jones's spirited announcement is anything to go by, it seems the Cardinals and the rest of the league may need to redirect their focus, as Jones's heart remains with Kansas City. As the NFL community awaits official confirmation, Jones's statement at the Super Bowl parade has undoubtedly stirred the pot, leaving fans and teams alike eager to see how this high-stakes negotiation unfolds.

Will Jones secure the extension he hinted at, or could this merely be the opening act of a more intricate offseason drama? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: Chris Jones remains one of the most talked-about figures in the lead-up to the NFL's new league year.

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