Patrick Mahomes Thrilled About Royals' New Downtown Stadium

Kansas City sports scene witnesses an exciting transformation.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Patrick Mahomes Thrilled About Royals' New Downtown Stadium
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As he basks in the euphoria of having clinched the Super Bowl, Kansas City Chiefs' star quarterback Patrick Mahomes will savor the emergence of the Kansas City Royals' new downtown stadium. Amidst all the fanfare that has come with his NFL victory, Mahomes has recently declared how excited he is with his MLB counterpart's future home.

Taking to social media, Mahomes, the face that came to represent the greatness of sport in Kansas City, posted, "This is going to be awesome!!! Can't wait!" The association goes beyond sports, given that he is not just an icon of hope and pride for the Kansas City citizens but is emotionally attached to the city too.

However, what is of personal interest lies in the fortunes of the new venture of the Royals as the future of Mahomes' long-term contract is attached to Kansas City with the Chiefs.

Royals' Stadium Revival

And while the Chiefs have been ascending to become a modern-day NFL dynasty, the Royals have been in the cellar of recent seasons—most often wrestling to avoid the bottom standings.

However, winds of change are blowing with the new stadium, and hopes of a turnaround are rising. The Royals will look to recreate that same magic that's captivated the entire world in Mahomes' Chiefs, and that magic could very well start with the energy and excitement of a new stadium.

In their bid to rise again, the Royals are banking on Bobby Witt Jr. to be the foundation of that effort. It's what the Chiefs did with Mahomes in that landing a franchise player alters everything. Witt, an early extension in his career that symbolizes the commitment of the Royals in preparing the foundation of a competitive team formed around promising talent.

This signing of Witt has been seen by Ken Rosenthal, a prominent MLB insider, as the Royals emulating the blueprint across town by the Chiefs. For such a low-market, low-payroll Major League Baseball team as the Royals, it's the kind of game-changing moment that could signal the dawn of hope and return to success in Kansas City.

It's a new day for the Royals, and really cool to see the dawn for Kansas City sports, too, with the new stadium and Witt's signing.

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